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Newsletter #75 – Nobody Goes Through Life Unscathed 💪

Body Slam Brigade 75 – Nobody Goes Through Life Unscathed 💪

January 21, 2021

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Jon Moxley returned to TV for the first time since checking himself into an inpatient alcohol abuse program.

In Moxley’s promo, he spoke about not running from his demons. He beats the $hit out of them.

“Nobody gets through life unscathed. . .the important ones (scars) are the scars we carry on the inside that are harder to see. Sometimes we try to cover up these scars. Sometimes we try to pretend these scars aren’t there, but those are the scars we should be proud of. Those are the scars that tell our story. Those are scars that give us strength. Those are the scars that make us the people we are. Nobody’s perfect. . . Nobody should be afraid to stand up in front of the whole world and bare it all. Everything that makes you the people you are, scars and all, and say “Hey this is me.”

It’s some pretty powerful stuff. I have to say, the world would be a better place if everyone had the confidence to do as Moxley says and “bare it all.”

If you’re struggling with a problem in your life, even if you can’t bring yourself to let the world know – do let someone know and get some help!

And I’ll always be right here dishing out the latest in wrestling merchandise news, statistics, and results. Below you’ll find all that and more!

– Ryan

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Results – Television, Livestream, PPV Results:

  • Smackdown from 01/14
  • AEW Rampage from 01/14
  • 205 Live from 01/14
  • NWA USA Season 1 Episode 1 from 01/15
  • New Japan Strong Episode 74 from 01/15
  • Monday Night Raw from 01/17
  • AEW Dark Elevation from 01/17
  • CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 70 from 01/18
  • NXT 2.0 from 01/18
  • AEW Dark from 01/18
  • NWA Powerrr from 01/19
  • AEW Dynamite from 01/19
  • WWE Main Event from 01/19
  • MLW Fusion Azteca Episode 2 from 01/20
  • NXT UK from 01/20
  • Impact from 01/20

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