Minutes to Bell Time

Daily Wrestling News Show

I know. Your podcast feed is full of wrestling podcasts you don’t have time to listen to. I’m going to give you three reasons to try the Daily Wrestling News Show.

Reason Number 1 – It’s a news show. When you’re done listening to Daily Wrestling News Show, you’ll be totally caught up on the last 24 hours of news. In the first segment, we cover one main topic with a 10-15 minute discussion. When that’s done, we do headlines in segment 2. These are bite size news items that don’t require a ton of discussion. In the final segment, we remind you of the advertised line-ups for that night’s wrestling shows.

Reason Number 2 – I said it’s a news show. We don’t do rumors. Sometimes rumors are sexier topics, but we focus on facts. I describe the show as “Sorting through the Bull$h!t in wrestling news to find the truth.” Does that mean we don’t speculate on what could be? We do, but you’ll know when it’s happening.

Reason Number 3 – It’s short and 100% designed for your lunch break or your commute home on Monday through Thursday (sometime on Friday). We aim for 25-35 minutes tops. We get to the point!

If all this sounds good, then . . .

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