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January on the Daily Wrestling News Show

January on the Daily Wrestling News Show

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The month of January includes some super historic moments in professional wrestling history.


To commemorate those moments, John and I are releasing 22 all new episodes of the Daily Wrestling News Show covering a smattering of amazing topics.


Some of my favorite episodes from this month include:


Episode 118 – The First Episode of Monday Night Raw | Spotify | Apple |


Episode 121 – Ric Flair’s Last Attempt to Capture the WWF Title | Spotify | Apple |


Episode 122 – Demolition Makes WWF Debut | Spotify | Apple |


Episode 123 – Bruno Sammartino Loses the WWWF Title | Spotify | Apple |


Episode 128 – CWF Holds Super Bowl of Wrestling | Spotify | Apple |


Check out those episodes and more to learn and remember the history of professional wrestling in just 5-10 minutes per day.


Complete List of Topics Discussed in January So Far


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