Minutes to Bell Time

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke

Minutes to Bell Time

Friday Night Smackdown January 3

Lacey Evans immediately went for Sasha Banks, but Sasha tagged out to Cross. Cross and Evans went for a series of roll ups for a few near falls before Evans tagged out to Dana Brooke. Nikki regained the advantage before tagging out to Alexa Bliss. Sasha got a blind tag from Dana Brooke, but Alexa Bliss got the advantage on Banks until Bayley tagged in. After Bayley hit a few moves on Bliss, she tagged Sasha back into the match. With a grouping of superstars on the outside, Nikki Cross climbed to the top rope and dove onto the pile. Banks grabbed Nikki and tossed her into the stairs leading to the commercial break. After the break, Sasha and Nikki were legal but Dana Brooke seemed to take Nikki’s spot leading to her hitting all of her acrobatic moves. Several of the competitors came into the ring, but Banks tagged out to Bayley and they maintained the advantage over Dana Brooke. Banks and Bayley tagged in and out for a few minutes with Brooke taking all of their offense. Banks got a near fall on Brooke when Bayley hit a suplex and knocked Alexa and Nikki off the apron. After a suplex and enziguri, Dana got to Lacey for the hot tag. Lacey went for her top rope moonsault, but Sasha pulled Bayley out of the way. Bliss and Cross ran in to make the save. Dana Brooke got a blind tag, Lacey hit the woman’s right on Sasha Banks, and Dana hit a senton from the top rope for the pinfall victory.


Match Ratings

Six dimensions combine to make up the overall rating. Matches score ratings of 1-10 only if the match lasts for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  1. Match Quality– Was the match well wrestled or sloppy?
  2. Audience Engagement– Did the live audience care about the match?
  3. Competitiveness– Was the match competitive or one-sided?
  4. Stakes – Did the match matter?
  5. Finish– Did the match end in a satisfying manner?
  6. Performance: (1) Poor (2) Below Average (3) Average (4) Above Average (5) Excellent
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