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Impact – Apr 6

Impact – Apr 6

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Windsor, Ontario. 

(1)  Motor City Machine Guns def. TMDK…Haste gets Shelley in the fireman’s carry…Shelley reverses into a crucifix & Sabin flips into a jackknife cover to complete the Roll Up win (07:54)…AFTER…

*Ace Austin & Chris Bey meet the Motor City Machine Guns as they come through the backstage curtain…the Guns have a rematch for the Impact tag titles coming up at Rebellion…Sabin suggests they make it an Ultimate-X match…Bullet Club accept.

*Eddie Edwards asks Kenny King if he’ll have his back tonight when Eddie faces PCO…Kenny says he needs to worry about getting people talking about him.

*Tommy Dreamer is still trying to get Scott D’Amore to join in when he faces Team Bully Ray at Rebellion…Scott politely declines again.

(2)  Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham…in an X-DIVISION #1 CONTENDER MATCH…ends in NO CONTEST when Trey Miguel leaves the commentary table & attacks both men with a slingshot missile dropkick to cause the DQ (13:09).

*Deaner says Callihan cost The Design their recent match, so maybe he’s not ready…Callihan says he’s ready for Step 7…Deaner explains that means removing all other authority in his life except The Design…Callihan stomps off to do…God knows what.

*Santino Marella explains to Trey Miguel backstage that his plan backfired, because now he’ll be facing both Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham in a 3-way elimination match for his X-Division title.

(3)  Jody Threat def. Tara Rising…Threat gets Rising up in a fireman’s carry & delivers the F-416 (reverse F-5) for the win (03:06).

*Santino Marella has been attacked backstage during the Threat/Rising match…Dirty Dango apologizes for failing as his security…Dango tells Scott D’Amore it was The Design & asks Scott to give him one of them…Santino says he needs to stand up for himself & get his own revenge…Santino books The Design vs. Santino, Dango, & Joe Hendry.

*Tasha Steelz backstage with Gia…Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans, & Jai Vidal interrupt…Steelz says she’s ready to face any or all of them next week.

(4)  Tommy Dreamer, Yuya Uemora, & Darren McCarty def. Bully Ray & Good Hands…Bully rolls out to avoid McCarty…Skyler attacks McCarty from behind…McCarty escapes an Irish Whip & counters with a Stunner to Skyler for the win (05:46)…AFTER…Kenny King attacks Dreamer…Frankie Kazarian down to handle King…Masha Slamovich attacks Kaz…Killer Kelly attacks Masha…the babyfaces clear the ring.

*Josh Alexander video package…he has been the heart & soul of Impact for 2+ years.

*Deonna Purrazzo promo…she went from being a multiple time Knockouts champ & tag champ with her best friend to having nothing…but a blank canvas is where the Virtuosa will create her next masterpiece.

(5)  Eddie Edwards def. PCO…Eddie pulls the ref in front of a PCO charge to the corner…Alisha Edwards out, pleads with PCO not to hit the moonsault…then Alisha hits PCO in the face with the kendo stick…Eddie pulls him off the buckles & tosses him back in with a BuckleBomb…follows with the Boston Knee Party for the win (16:56)…AFTER…Eddie & Alisha head straight to the parking lot & PCO gets out there just in time to see their SUV peel away.

*Scott D’Amore is in the ring with Steve Maclin & Kushida…Scott calls out & gets Josh Alexander…Josh shares some poignant words, then prepares to relinquish the Impact World Championship to Scott but his 4 year old son swipes the belt…eventually the belt goes to Scott…Maclin says Scott should just hand him the title because Josh fears him & this is his way out…Scott chews out Maclin & reminds him that Kushida already made him tap out…things get physical between Maclin & Kushida…Maclin tries to leave with the title but Kushida ends the show by handing it back to Scott.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Apr. 13, 2023

+ Tasha Steelz vs. Gisele Shaw

+ Taylor Wilde vs. Jessicka

+ Callihan & Angels vs. Dirty Dango & Joe Hendry

+ Kenny King vs. Frankie Kazarian – Winner’s Team Gets the Advantage in the Hardcore War

+ Mickie James Medical Update – Final Decision (Will She Defend or Relinquishes at Rebellion)


iMPACT! REBELLION PPV PREVIEW – Sun. Apr. 16, 2023 – Toronto, ONT.

+ Kushida vs. Steve Maclin – for the vacant Impact World Championship

+ Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace – for the vacant Knockouts Championship

(if Mickie James is healthy in time, this becomes a 3-way defense)

+ Ace Austin & Chris Bey (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns – in an Ultimate X Match for the Impact Tag Team Championship

+ The Coven (c) vs. Death Dollz – for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

+ Trey Miguel (c) vs. Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham – in an Elimination Match for the X-Division Championship

+ Team Dreamer vs. Team Bully – in a Hardcore War

+ The Design vs. Joe Hendry, Dirty Dango, & Santino Marella – in a 6-Man Tag Match

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