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NXT – Apr 11

NXT – Apr 11

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NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams to the ring…Melo says his story with Bron Breakker is far from over & offers him a spot in the Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender match tonight…Dragon Lee interrupts…says he’s already in the 4-way, so he will be the one to meet him at Spring Breakin…JD McDonagh interrupts, says his confidence doesn’t need bluster…Dragon will find out tonight & Melo will find out in 2 weeks at Spring Breakin…Grayson Waller interrupts, says he’s in the 4-way & plans to take Melo’s title…Melo says only one can be HIM.

*Kiana James & Fallon Henley bicker in the locker room before their tag title match…Josh Briggs tells them to concentrate on the titles, asks where Brooks Jensen is…Kiana says he doesn’t want to be around Fallon or Briggs so he’s not coming tonight.

*Tiffany Stratton interrupts Sol Ruca making a TikTok video in “her” parking lot.

(1)  Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn def. Kiana James & Fallon Henley…retain their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship…around the 9 minute mark Brooks Jensen slides in & tries to give Fallon the loaded bag…she rejects it & the ref bans Jensen from ringside…on his way out, Josh Briggs asks Jensen what he’s doing & Jensen shoves Briggs to the ground…back inside…Fallon turns around into the Backstabber/Swan-ton combo…Fyre covers Fallon for the win (10:11).

*Noam Dar promo…Supernova 11 is here & he’s brought his Heritage Cup Championship with him…he’s here to separate the sheep from the GOAT.

*Andre Chase brings Duke Hudson to the ring to receive his MVP Trophy…Bron Breakker interrupts, says the NXT title was a curse on his career, so he doesn’t want to be in the #1 contender match…Bron says Hudson should take his place…then Bron Spears Andre as Duke runs off with his MVP trophy.

*Gigi Dolin vignette…she visits her childhood home…which was a miserable place she ran away from…if that place didn’t do it, Jacy Jayne won’t ever break her will.

*NXT Anonymous gets footage of Tony D’Angelo & Stacks attacking Pretty Deadly this weekend.

(2)  Eddy Thorpe def. Javier Bernal…Thorpe with a twisting butterfly suplex for the win (03:38).

*Gallus run into Tank Ledger backstage, who says he’s been prepping for his big debut in a few weeks…Joe Coffey challenges him to a match tonight instead…then Schism approach & accuse Gallus of only picking fights they can win…sounds like a UK throwback match coming!

*SCRYPTS promo…he plans to expose Axiom.

(3)  Tiffany Stratton def. Sol Ruca…Stratton catches Ruca in a fireman’s carry & hits a rolling senton…Stratton with a pretty triple-jump Moonsault for the win (05:40).

*Ivy Nile & the Creed Brothers backstage with McKenzie…Creeds challenge Gallus to a tag title match for next week…Tiffany Stratton interrupts…says with yet another win, how is she not the #1 contender?

*Cora Jade to the ring…says Zoey Stark is athletic, but she’ll never be a champion…says she put Roxanne Perez on the map, but how long will she use her anxiety as a crutch…and Gigi Dolin may have been fingertips from the title, but that’s as close as she’ll get…Tiffany Stratton is just Instagram famous…Lyra Valkyria shows no fear, but should be scared of Cora…and finally Indi Hartwell…took her long enough…but this is Cora’s NXT now…Lyra Valkyria out, says Cora may be great on the mic, but if she goes near the title Lyra will rip her eyes out…Cora lands a punch but Lyra almost kicks Cora’s head off.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey interrupt…they talk about having the style to beat him…Wes says if they want a shot, just ask.

(4)  Ilja Dragunov def. Von Wagner…Dragunov drops Wagner with an Enziguri, then a roundhouse head kick while Wagner is kneeling…followed by Torpedo Moscow for the win (03:24)…AFTER…as per their agreement, Mr. Stone walks away from Wagner…then Dijak makes his way to the ring…says if pain makes Dragunov feel alive, he’ll make him immortal…Dragunov smiles.

*Hank Walker gives Tank Ledger a last minute hype speech before his early debut.

(5)  Joe Coffey def. Tank Ledger…Coffey connects with All the Best for the Bells…when Ledger pulls himself up the ropes to a standing position, Coffey lands another nasty lariat for the win (04:26)…AFTER…Creed Brothers down…Dyad attack Gallus from behind…it’s a brawl as we cut backstage.

*Tony D’Angelo & Stacks chatting backstage…Roxanne Perez walks by…Tony says maybe Roxy needs some back up…Zoey Stark interrupts, rips Roxy for her anxiety…Roxy says she has all the strength she needs to beat her next week…Pretty Deadly attack Tony & Stacks…say the NXT Tag division is about THEM!

(6)  Grayson Waller def. Dragon Lee, JD McDonagh, & Duke Hudson…in a #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH…Dragon with a sit out Powerbomb on Hudson…Waller rolls in & hits his Stunner on Dragon, then steals the pin on Hudson for the win (12:42)…AFTER…Carmelo Hayes out…holds the NXT Title high between himself & Waller in the aisle as the show ends.


NXT PREVIEW – Apr. 18, 2023

+ Gallus (c) vs. Creed Brothers vs. Dyad – Triple Threat for the NXT Tag Team Championship

+ Wes Lee (c) vs. Charlie Dempsey – for the North American Championship

+ Roxanne Perez vs. Zoey Stark



+ Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Grayson Waller – for the NXT Championship

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