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Raw – Apr 17

Raw – Apr 17

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Raw Results

*Live from Little Rock, AR. 

*The Bloodline (minus Roman) to the ring…The Judgment Day interrupt…Heyman says this short term collaboration was arranged by Roman Reigns…tonight the Judgment Day will take care of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, & Matt Riddle…and Solo will take out Rey Mysterio.

(1)  Solo Sikoa def. Rey Mysterio…Rey setting up for the 619 when The Usos make their way to ringside…Legado del Fantasma hop out of the crowd to take them out but the hesitation allows Solo to avoid the 619…Rey gets Solo back in position & hits the 619, but misses a diving headbutt from the top buckle…Solo with the Samoan Spike for the win (12:42)…AFTER…Solo & the Usos decimate the LWO. 

*Chad Gable is trying to make Adam Pearce understand that the Alpha Academy should be a package deal in the upcoming draft, but Maxxine Dupri believes Otìsè should be the face of whatever brand he’s part of…alone.

(2)  Bianca Belair def. Dakota Kai…NON-TITLE…KOD for the win (09:13).

*Bronson Reed promo…he’s misunderstood…his mom used to call him “Mr. Nice Guy.”

*Judgment Day chatting backstage…Paul Heyman interrupts to ask what they thought of the Bloodline’s handling of Rey…Balor grades it a, “Meh.”

*Cody Rhodes to the ring & he’s in his gear, not a suit…he calls out Brock, but gets Adam Pearce instead…who informs Cody that he’s not medically cleared & asks him to leave the ring…Cody begins to leave, then doubles back & grabs a chair…Pearce has Security surround Cody…but Brock Lesnar makes his way out in front of the ‘tron…Pearce gives Cody the match with Brock at Backlash, begging him not to do anything tonight…Brock taunts from up the aisle, so Cody makes his way through the 1st wave of security with the chair…before being held back by another 8-man Security team…by the time Cody’s done with them, Brock is gone…Cody calls Brock a coward as we go to break.

(3)  Seth Rollins def. The Miz…Rollins escapes a top buckle Skull-Crushing Finale set up & counters into a Superplex, holds on for a Falcon Arrow, & follows with the Stomp for the win (12:07).

*Matt Riddle has some ideas for the big 6-man tag…Sami Zayn wants to hear him out…Kevin Owens thinks he’s an idiot…until Riddle shows his serious side.

(4)  Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory…NON-TITLE MATCH ends in a NO CONTEST…Lashley sinks in the Hurt Lock…Theory backs Lashley to the corner…Bronson Reed splashes both men & the ref calls for the bell (12:04)…AFTER…Reed continues to beat on Lashley…punctuated by the Tsunami.

*Trish Stratus to the ring…claims she single-handedly made women’s wrestling relevant…Becky Lynch never thanked her for blazing the trail…so Trish took out Lita & screwed Becky out of her titles…she’s the greatest of all time & won’t let any of us forget it.

*Cody Rhodes backstage with Cathy Kelley…he’s backed the Beast into a corner, but he can’t let him win at Backlash in 3 weeks.

*Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan make their way to ringside for the upcoming tag match…and a couple minutes into the match we see that Nikki Cross is watching from the front row of the audience for some reason.

(5)  Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville def. Candice LeRae & Mia Yim…Chelsea saves Sonya from Eat Defeat & Chelsea delivers the Unprettier to Mia for the win (03:10)…AFTER…Chelsea & Sonya roll out to bicker with Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan at ringside…Chelsea throws water in Liv’s face & scampers away.

*Street Profits, Elias, Rick Boogs, & Baron Corbin contemplate their futures in light of the upcoming draft…Akira Tozawa tells Corbin he sucks.     

(6)  Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, & Matt Riddle def. Judgment Day…after interfering every chance she got, Rhea Ripley finally gets caught around the 11 minute mark & sent away from ringside…Balor misses the Coup de Grace on KO…Stunner for Balor…Stunner to Priest…Helluva Kick to Balor & Sami tags in Riddle…Floating Bro on Balor for the win (12:23)…AFTER…The Usos & Solo Sikoa hit the ring a second after the final bell & attack KO, Sami, Riddle…Rey Mysterio & Legado del Fantasma race down for the save…the good guys clear the ring as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Apr. 24, 2023 – Chicago, IL

+ Bad Bunny will be on Raw


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