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ROH on Honor Club – April 7

ROH on Honor Club – April 7

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ROH on Honor Club Results

*Taped from UBS Arena in Long Island, NY.

It is episode 6 of the new era of Ring of Honor.

Christopher Daniels opens the show in a pre-taped segment. He warns Katsuyori Shibata that titles are on his mind, so he would like to propose a Pure Title match for “this Thursday” aka tonight. Daniels has beat Shibata every time they’ve been in the ring, but a lot has change.

Ian Riccaboni, Nigel McGuinness, Caprice Coleman are on commentary with Bobby Cruise doing the ring announcing. They announce that there will be 2 title bouts spread over 10 total matches tonight.

Match 1

Mark Briscoe and The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes defeat Shane Taylor and The WorkHorseman (Anthony Henry and JD Drake) by pinfall. Nigel says that Briscoe has something in common with his partners. . . none of them speak English. McGuinness has also never wrestled in a six man tag, which is pretty unfathomable to me. Mark Briscoe hits his running elbow off the apron to the floor followed by a blockbuster from the apron to the floor before heading back in the ring. Rey Fenix hits his Tiger Feint roundhouse kick on JD Drake before Shane Taylor stops him. Taylor hit “Welcome to the Land” on Briscoe, but they never go for the cover. By the time they do, the Lucha Bros broke up the pin. Mark hit the Jay-Driller for the pinfall victory (08:44).

QT Marshall and Powrhouse Hobbs were watching at ringside because they’ll be challenging the Lucha Bros for the ROH World Tag Team Titles on the April 7th Battle of the Belts.

Winners: Mark Briscoe and Lucha Bros

Match 2

Katsuyori Shibata (ch) defeats Christopher Daniels by pinfall to retain the ROH Pure Championship. Judges for the contest are Dean Malenko, BJ Whitmer, and Jerry Lynn. Shibata locked in the figure four leg lock just before the 3 minute mark. Daniels struggled inside the hold for about a minute before getting to the ropes for his first rope break (Daniels down to two rope breaks). Daniels put Shibata in the Koji Clutch around the 5:30 mark Rather than using a rope break, Shibata rolled over into a pin causing Daniels to release the hold. Shibata hit his running dropkick in the corner and brings Daniels back to the center for a near fall. Following up, Shibata put Daniels in a rear naked choke and Daniels needed to use the ropes to get out (Daniels down to one rope break). When Shibata got Daniels back in a rear naked choke, he pretty much had Daniels out. A PK was all it took for Shibata to get the pinfall victory (10:06).

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata

Dasha w/ Claudio Castagnoli backstage. Claudio says he did exactly what he said he would do at Supercard of Honor. Eddie Kingston showed to everyone that he is not championship material. No indication about his next program.

Match 3

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana defeats Ortiz by pinfall. Cage did his deadlift suplex to bring Ortiz into the ring from the outside. The Machine also curled Ortiz a little deeper into the match. All credit to Brian Cage as it doesn’t matter who he works with, Cage always gives them a ton of offense. Ortiz did make a comeback hitting a diving DDT and Death Valley Driver. When Ortiz went for a pump handle, Cage countered and hit GMSI for a near fall. Ortiz got some more offense in on Cage, but eventually The Machine hit Drillclaw for the pinfall victory (08:14).

Winner: Brian Cage

Match 4

Jay Lethal w/ Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt defeats Darius Martin by pinfall. Maria Kanellis Bennett joins the commentary team with Matt Taven and Mike Bennett standing behind her. The code of honor is adhered to in the ring as Maria Kanellis takes a jab at the missing Dante Martin. Jay Lethal hit an excellent suicide dive followed by the Fargo strut. The Kingdom seems to be focused on Darius Martin, which is very weird because Dante isn’t going to be back for a long time. I’m guessing their going to book Taven v. Darius because they keep talking about Matt Taven’s accolades. The big storyline is whether Darius makes a name for himself the same way Dante Martin did while Darius was on the shelf. Darius blocks the Lethal Injection. Taven says it looks like Darius’ shoe is untied, so he’s going to go help. Satnam Singh gets the referee’s attention as Taven hops in the ring with a superkick on Darius. Jay hits the Lethal Injection for the pinfall.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Match 5

Rush and Dralistico w/ Jose the Assistant and Preston Vance defeat The Infantry (Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo) by pinfall. Real quick match here. Dralistico used a modified Go to Sleep for the pinfall victory (3:41). After the match, LFI posed with their feet over the top of The Infantry.

Winner: Rush and Dralistico

Match 6

Daniel Garcia defeats “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams by . This is actually a very good matchup. Of course, Garcia has the star power, so his win here is obvious. Throughout the match, Garcia is mostly focused on getting the crowd ticked off. All that showing off to the crowd gives Williams an opening and the two exchange a number of strikes before Tracy connects with a DDT on the turnbuckle. Garcia would use a modified Code Breaker / DDT for the pinfall victory (6:18).

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Match 7

Willow Nightingale defeats Notorious Mimi by pinfall. Willow countered some offense from Mimi into a dos-si-do. Willow hits a pounce, brings down the strap, and hits a sit down powerbomb for the pinfall victory. Code of honor adhered to after the match (2:01).

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Match 8

The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch) defeat Steve Somerset and Stephen Azure . Code of Honor was observed, but Dutch clotheslined both Steves coming straight out of the Code of Honor. Nigel says the Righteous are like Lenny and George from Of Mice and Men. Good reference. Vincent hits Autumn Sunshine for the pinfall victory (1:57).

Winner: The Righteous

Match 9

Konosuke Takeshita defeats Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling, Josh Woods, Ari Daivari by pinfall. Nigel mentions that Tony Nese is the winner of the 2023 Jesse “the Body” award. McGuinness is full of great references. Tony Nese hit a nice outside-in springboard moonsault on a draping Takeshita for a near fall. After several attempts, Tony Nese finally hit his pump handle driver for a near fall. Takeshita evaded the Running Nese and hit his German Suplex with the bridge for a pinfall (10:25).

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

Match 10 – Main Event

Athena (c) defeats Miyu Yamashita to retain the ROH World Women’s Championship. Code of Honor adhered to before the match. Miyu hit a pair of running PK’s when Athena was on the floor, but Athena caught her with the third PK and drove her into the post. Yamashita hit a big Death Valley driver off the top rope for a near fall. This match had about the most excitement of anything on this show. At one point, it looked like Athena was going to take a walk. Miyu chased Athena down and slammed her on the stage. Before things could get back to the ring, Athena pushed Miyu off the stage and hit her with a cannonball. The commentators have acknowledged that Referee Mike Posey just stopped counting. Finally back in the ring, Athena cinched in a crossface and held it for a long time before Posey finally called for the bell.

Per tradition, Athena shook the hand of Miyu as she lay on the mat.

Winner: Athena


ROH on Honor Club PREVIEW – April. 13, 2023 – Location TBD

+ Nothing Announced

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