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Rebellion 2023 – Apr 16

Rebellion 2023 – Apr 16

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iMPACT! Rebellion 2023 Results

*LIVE on PPV from Toronto, ONT. 

(COUNTDOWN-1)  Champagne Singh & Shera def. Heath & Rhino…Heath rolls up Singh but Shera breaks it up from outside…while Heath barks at Shera, Singh Rolls Up Heath with his feet on the ropes & Shera holds them there for the win (07:00)…AFTER…Singh celebrates & turns around into a GORE!

(COUNTDOWN-2)  The Coven def. Death Dollz…retain their Knockouts Tag Team Championship…Wilde makes a blind tag…Rosemary spears King but the ref doesn’t count because King isn’t legal…Wilde with the Wilde Ride (release German) on Rosemary…follows with the Spinning Fisherman’s Neckbreaker on Rosemary for the win (09:40).

(3)  Ace Austin & Chris Bey def. Motor City Machine Guns…in an ULTIMATE-X MATCH to retain their Impact Tag Team Championship…Shelley is taken out with the Art of Finesse/Fold combo…Austin looks like he’s about to assist Bey in another combo for Sabin but instead he tosses Bey up to the cables…Bey scoots to the center…Sabin clotheslines Ace & heads to corner to climb…Sabin gets to the center of the X too late & Bey pulls down both of the belts for the win (13:06).

*Steve Maclin promo…this whole situation SUCKS…more than a year of reconnaissance on Josh, but Josh is hurt…and that SUCKS…being in Canada SUCKS…so it’s Tag ‘em, Bag ‘em, Mayhem for Kushida.

(4)  Joe Hendry, Dirty Dango, & Santino Marella def. The Design…in a 4-on-3 HANDICAP TAG TEAM MATCH…The Design has Marella alone in the ring…Deaner hands a baseball bat to Callihan…Callihan turns it on Deaner & drops him with a shot to the gut & one to the face…Marella reaches into his trunks for the Cobra & then the Cobra strikes Deaner for the win (10:48).

*Tommy Dreamer’s mom is in the hospital & in bad shape, so he’s an emotional mess…but this war ends tonight.

(5)  PCO def. Eddie Edwards…in a LAST RITES MATCH…PCO fights his way out of the casket, not letting Eddie slam the lid…Alisha Edwards out, hits PCO with a shovel that has barely any effect…PCO takes the shovel away & sidesteps Eddie’s superkick, resulting in Eddie superkicking Alisha…PCO hits Eddie in the back with the shovel, then right on top of the head…PCO Chokeslams Eddie into the casket & slams the lid for the win (13:43). 

*Trey Miguel backstage with Gia…sound issues…oh well.

(6)  Trey Miguel def. Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham…in a 3-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH to retain his X-Division Championship…Gresham has Bailey in the Figure-4 but Trey comes off the top buckle with a Meteora to Gresham, who can’t kick out with his legs tangled with Bailey…Trey eliminates Gresham (09:35)…Bailey with an O’Connor Roll for 2, Trey rolls it over & grabs the tights to eliminate Bailey for the Roll Up win (13:53).

(7)  Team Dreamer def. Team Bully…in a HARDCORE WAR MATCH…Moose & Kazarian start for 5 minutes…Brian Myers gives Team Bully the 90 second advantage…Bhupinder Gujjar evens the sides…Kenny King gives Team Bully another 90 second advantage…Killer Kelly evens the odds & brings a staplegun with her…Masha Slamovich gives Team Bully another 90 second advantage…Yuya Uemora evens the odds…Bully Ray brings a table & his chain as he gives his team the final 90 second advantage…Tommy Dreamer enters last & now the Hardcore War continues until one team records a fall…at the 20 minute mark Dreamer hits Masha with a Piledriver but Jason Hotch & John Skyler out to interfere…Bully with a low blow to Dreamer…Bully demands that the 4 ringside refs hold a ladder for him…when they refuse he puts his hands on one & suddenly all 4 refs are beating down Bully…Dreamer with a Dreamer Driver on Bully, then drags him to his feet & lays him across a table…the refs now hold the ladder as Dreamer climbs & delivers a Big Splash to put Bully through the table & scores the pinfall win (25:12).

*Nick Aldis joins commentary & announces he has signed with Impact Wrestling.

(8)  Steve Maclin def. Kushida…to claim the vacant title & become the NEW Impact World Champion…Maclin gets Kushida in the Crosshairs, follows with the K.I.A. but Kushida becomes the 1st ever to kick out…Kushida grabs the Hoverboard Lock but Maclin punches his way out…back & forth for a few minutes before Kushida jumps to the Hoverboard Lock again…this time Maclin powers into a 2nd K.I.A. for the win (18:27)…AFTER…

*Steve Maclin grabs the mic & demands Scott D’Amore be the one to hand him the title…D’Amore makes his way out & hands the title to Maclin…Maclin smiles, turns around, & now demands he put it around his waist…D’Amore shoves it into Maclin’s chest & steps back…when Scott turns around, Maclin blast him in the back of the head with the belt…Nick Aldis leaves commentary & puts himself between Maclin & D’Amore…Maclin & Aldis do some chin-wagging off mic & Maclin leaves without further incident.

*Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt lay out the entire summer schedule for Impact Wrestling (see below) on Impact!+ & PPV.

(9)  Deonna Purrazzo def. Jordynne Grace…to claim the vacant title & become the NEW Knockouts Champion…deep into the match, Jordynne escapes the Venus de Milo by getting a toe on the rope…Jordynne hits the Grace Driver but Deonna kicks out…Jordynne sets Deonna on the top buckle for a superplex but Deonna counters into a Sunset Bomb & quickly follows with the Queen’s Gambit for the win (17:06)…AFTER…Deonna helps Jordynne to her feet & they embrace briefly before Jordynne gives Deonna her moment & the show ends with Deonna holding the Knockouts title high.


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