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SmackDown – Apr 7

SmackDown – Apr 7

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Portland, OR.

(1)  Brawling Brutes def. Imperium…at the end of a crazy match with bodies flying everywhere, Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick to Vinci for the win (11:44).

*Paul Heyman backstage with Kayla…he ignores the question about why Brock Lesnar attacked Cody…Jey Uso interrupts…Heyman says Roman told Jimmy to stay home & watch Main Event Jey handle the Sami Zayn problem tonight…as Jey walks away, Heyman gets close to Solo Sikoa & says, “Either Jey solves Sami tonight or you handle our problems tonight.”

(2)  Richochet def. Ivar…Ivar climbs the buckles but Ricochet takes him off with a ‘rana…Ricochet lands a pretty Shooting Star Press for the win (04:08).

*Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn chatting backstage…KO says Sami can put this whole Bloodline mess behind him with a win over Jey Uso tonight…Sami says something feels weird about it & he needs to have a conversation with Jey…KO says it’s a bad idea, but he knows he can’t talk Sami out of it.

(3)  Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan def. Natalya & Shotzi…Liv with an assist from Raquel jumps into a tornado DDT on Shotzi…follows with ob-LIV-ion for the win (02:51).

*LA Knight interrupts Xavier Woods, Madcap Moss, & Emma enjoying some video games…unpleasant words exchanged between Knight & Woods…Knight breaks his gaming controller & Woods is restrained by Moss.

*Triple H to the ring…WrestleMania was a huge success…now on to the future…the WWE Draft will take place in a few weeks & will “change the game”…he introduces your new SmackDown Women’s Champion…Rhea Ripley…who is accompanied by the rest of Judgment Day…Rhea calls herself the greatest champion in WWE…Finn Balor says Edge spilt his head open, but Finn is still standing…Dom Mysterio gets booed so vociferously he can’t get a sentence out…Damian Priest tells Bad Bunny he forgives him for making Priest do what he did.

(4)  Dom Mysterio & Damian Priest def. Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar…Dom is set up for the 619…Rhea Ripley pulls Dom out of the way…Zelina Vega takes Rhea over with a flying headscissor…Rhea chases Zelina into the crowd…back in the ring…Priest with a blind tag, saves Dom from the Phantom Driver…Priest takes Escobar South of Heaven for the win (10:14).

*Sami Zayn finds Jey Uso backstage…says the Bloodline is crumbling, just like Sami said it would, but Jey has a way out…nearby noise brings Sami around the corner to find that Kevin Owens has been attacked by Solo Sikoa.

(5)  Jey Uso def. Sami Zayn…Sami is on the apron’s edge…the ref backs Jey off to let Sami back in…Solo Sikoa delivers the Samoan Spike behind the ref’s back…Jey with a Superkick for the win (09:50)…AFTER…Sikoa attacks Sami…after a beating, Solo goes for the Samoan Spike again, but Jey catches his arm…Jey & Solo get face-to-face, but then Jey Superkicks a kneeling Sami…Solo goes for a chair & Matt Riddle races down for the save…Riddle clears the ring as the show ends.


WWE  SmackDown PREVIEW – Apr. 14, 2023

+ Shinsuke Nakamura returns

+ Xavier Woods vs. LA Knight

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