Minutes to Bell Time

Sheamus defeats Apollo Crews

Smackdown Live February 7

After hitting a brogue kick, Sheamus quickly defeated Apollo by pinfall. Shorty G came out to prevent Sheamus from continuing to beat down Apollo after the bell. Sheamus laid him out too.


Match Ratings

Six dimensions combine to make up the overall rating. Matches score ratings of 1-10 only if the match lasts for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  1. Match Quality– Was the match well wrestled or sloppy?
  2. Audience Engagement– Did the live audience care about the match?
  3. Competitiveness– Was the match competitive or one-sided?
  4. Stakes – Did the match matter?
  5. Finish– Did the match end in a satisfying manner?
  6. Performance: (1) Poor (2) Below Average (3) Average (4) Above Average (5) Excellent
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