Minutes to Bell Time

Shorty G vs. Sheamus

Friday Night Smackdown January 31

Apparently the bell rang during the commercial break. When we join the contest, Shorty G uses leverage to send Sheamus to the outside. Unfortunately for Shorty G, Sheamus took control on the outside and rolled Shorty G back into the ring. After a couple of slams to the mat, Shorty G fought back until Sheamus hit a back elbow. Shorty G tied Sheamus up in the ropes to hit a number of forearms and then a top rope missile dropkicks. Sheamus just barely escaped the pinfall after Shorty G hit a moonsault.

Sheamus grabbed Shorty G running in and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker and then the Brogue kick for the pinfall victory.

Match Ratings

Six dimensions combine to make up the overall rating. Matches score ratings of 1-10 only if the match lasts for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  1. Match Quality– Was the match well wrestled or sloppy?
  2. Audience Engagement– Did the live audience care about the match?
  3. Competitiveness– Was the match competitive or one-sided?
  4. Stakes – Did the match matter?
  5. Finish– Did the match end in a satisfying manner?
  6. Performance: (1) Poor (2) Below Average (3) Average (4) Above Average (5) Excellent
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