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Jeff Hardy defeats Sheamus

Jeff Hardy defeats Sheamus

Jeff Hardy defeats Sheamus: Smackdown May 22

Result: Jeff Hardy defeats Sheamus

Note: I did not attended this show live, but I do average at least one wrestling show per week. Follow the Minutes to Bell Time Instagram to see my experience. Read about the live experiences here.

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Action spilled to the outside where Sheamus tossed Hardy into the post and on top of the announce table. Sheamus was yelling at Michael Cole when Smackdown went to commercial.

Back from commercial, Sheamus was still dominating Jeff Hardy. Hardy finally caught Sheamus running into the corner, and he hit whisper in the wind. The advantage didn’t last long though because Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker to take the advantage back.

The tide swung again when Sheamus went shoulder first hard into the post. Jeff went for the swanton bomb, but Sheamus put his knees up and got a near fall.

Hardy rolled up Sheamus for a surprise pin.

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  1. Match Quality– Was the match well wrestled or sloppy?
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  4. Stakes – Did the match matter?
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