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Body Slam Brigade

Hi. I’m Ryan.

I believe wrestling is the highest form of entertainment available. It can be anything from comedy to drama and even science fiction.

If you get value from pro wrestling as an entertainment medium, then I hope you’ll get value from connecting with other SuperFans (like me).

One way you can do that is by signing up for my free Body Slam Brigade newsletter.

The word newsletter might make you think that this is a dirt sheet. It’s not.

It’s a letter from the perspective of one of wrestling’s biggest SuperFans. Me.

By signing up, we can be each other’s wrestling Pen Pals.

It’s a two way street, and I love to hear from other wrestling fans – so feel free to write me back.

The Body Slam Brigade can vary from the nostalgic one week to addressing something currently happening the next week.

I will also provides link to the any Show Results and Podcast that I’m current working on as part of this website.

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