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NXT – Dec 6

NXT – Dec 6

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NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)   Iron Survivor Wild Card: Axiom def. Von Wagner & Andre Chase…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…Chase hits Wagner with a High Cross Body but his momentum causes him to roll to the floor…Axiom follows with the Golden Ratio to steal the win (11:55).

*Cora Jade vignette…there are no depths she will not sink to in order to become #1 contender.

*Julius Creed is with the trainer when Ivy Nile tells the trainer to check his ribs…Julius is pissed because his rib injury looks like it will keep him out of Deadline…but Ivy is just protecting her “brother.”

*Apollo Crews drops in on Bron Breakker & the two go for a ride in Breakker’s boat & do some fishing…trade gameplans, shake, & agree to “let the best man win.”

*Bryson Montana’s match intro gets interrupted by Indus SherJavier Bernal sees them in the ring, decides he has a sore hammy, & opts out of his match with Montana…Veer & Sanga reiterate that they want the Creeds at nothing less than 100%, so they will wait…the Creed Brothers try to get to the ring but a group of refs block their path.

*Thea Hail is super excited to find out she has a match tonight with Isla DawnDuke Hudson tries to tell her it’s a bad idea but Andre Chase gives the go-ahead.

(2)  Tony D’Angelo def. Xyon Quinn…Tony drives Quinn into the mat with a Back Suplex for the win (01:57)…AFTER…Tony calls out Wes Lee for the “cheap shot” that injured Tony’s knee…

*Wes Lee joins Tony D’Angelo in the ring & says he knows Tony wants his title…but Wes says he has unfinished business with Dijack first…Tony doesn’t want to wait…Dijack interrupts via the ‘tron to tell both of them to stay out of his way…Stacks tries to cheapshot Wes, but Wes rolls out to safety.

*SCRYPTS vignette…he knows he must target the chosen ones to make an impact.

(3)  Charlie Dempsey def. Hank Walker…Walker has the upper hand as he powers Dempsey around the ring for the first minute or so…but once Dempsey grabs a standing Kimura, he uses it to take Walker down & gain control…Dempsey is momentarily distracted as Drew Gulak makes his way to ringside…but Dempsey return to administering a series of stretches before settling on a Single Leg Crab & eventually reaches for the Crossface combo to get the tap & the submission win (04:05).

*Grayson Waller backstage with McKenzie…he’s hosting his other 4 Iron Survivor opponents on a special episode of the Grayson Waller Effect.

*Pretty Deadly in the ring to share their Christmas Story…they’ve asked Santa to bring them a challenge…New Day interrupt & want to face Pretty Deadly at Deadline…things get physical & Pretty Deadly’s Christmas decorations get ruined.

*Isla Dawn promo…she hopes Alba Fyre will be watching her first NXT match…coming up.

*Javier Bernal is startled backstage by McKenzie…she asks if he’s afraid of Indus Sher…of course Javy won’t admit it…McKenzie asks Ikeman Jiro his opinion on the issue…Jiro calls Javy “Big Body Chicken.”

(4)  Isla Dawn def. Thea Hail…Dawn grabs Hail in an inverted DDT grip & spins to drop her with a clubbing blow to the chest…see stares a hole through Andre Chase at ringside & hits the same combo again for the win (02:53)…AFTER…the ring fills with smoke & Alba Fyre attacks…refs separate the two & Isla spits mist into the face of a ref to cause enough confusion to roll out to safety.

*Lyra Valkyria vignette…coming next week!

(5)  Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen def. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade…around the 2 minute mark, Giovanna comes to ringside to slip an envelope into Briggs & Jensen’s personal effects…around the 3 minute mark Von Wagner comes to ringside but Odyssey Jones cuts him off & they brawl back up the aisle…back in the ring Briggs & Jensen hit the Legsweep/Clothesline combo on Enofe, Briggs covers for the win (03:26).

*Brooks Jensen opens the envelope backstage & finds a VIP invite to Deadline from Kiana JamesFallon Henley is pissed & says Kiana is not going to Deadline, Fallon Henley is.

(6)  Iron Survivor Wild Card: Indi Hartwell def. Fallon Henley & Wendy Choo…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH…Choo hits the Sleepy Time Splash on Henley, but gets tossed to the floor by Indi…Indi lands a Forearm Shiver to the back of the head on Henley for the win (10:25).

*Toxic Attraction get a visit in the Toxic Lounge from Indi Hartwell…she tells Mandy that when the 25 minutes runs out at Deadline, the time starts ticking on her title reign & Indi will be coming to take it.

*Grayson Waller welcomes Carmelo Hayes, JD McDonagh, Joe Gacy, & Axiom to the Grayson Waller Effect…waaaay too much talking leads to physicality (of course) & it’s a 5-way brawl with several refs struggling to separate them as the show ends.


NXT DEADL1NE PREVIEW – Sat. Dec. 10, 2022

(1) Bron Breakker (c) vs. Apollo Crews – for the NXT Championship

(2) Pretty Deadly (c) vs. New Day – for the NXT Tag Team Championship

(3) Carmelo Hayes vs. JD McDonagh vs. Grayson Waller vs. Joe Gacy vs. Axiom – in the 1st Ever Men’s IRON SURVIVOR CHALLENGE Match (Winner will be the #1 Contender)

(4) Zoey Stark vs. Cora Jade vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Kiana James vs. Indi Hartwell – in the 1st Ever Women’s IRON SURVIVOR CHALLENGE Match (Winner will be the #1 Contender)

(5) Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn


NXT PREVIEW – Dec. 13, 2022

+ Lyra Valkyria debuts


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