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NXT Roadblock – Mar 7

NXT Roadblock – Mar 7

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NXT Roadblock Results

*LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Tony D’Angelo def. Dijak…in a JAILHOUSE STREET FIGHT…Dijack hits the GTH on Tony & chucks him into the cell but Stacks throws his body in the way of closing the cell door…GTH for Stacks…Tony comes out of the cell with his trusty crowbar & clobbers Dijak repeatedly, tosses him into the cell & closes the door for the win (11:12).

*Roxanne Perez backstage with McKenzie…she knows that Meiko will push her to the limit…but she feels she HAS TO walk into Stand & Deliver as champion, so she knows she HAS TO beat a living legend tonight.

*Josh Briggs visits Kiana James’ office…Josh tells her she has to make the first move now because Brooks Jensen is terrified of screwing up again.

*Gallus to the ring…they call out & get Pretty Deadly from the crow’s nest…Gallus lure them to the ring & lump them up a bit but Pretty Deadly eventually roll out & head up the aisle.

*Lyra Valkyria has her eyes on the NXT Women’s Championship, no matter who wins tonight.

*Ilja Dragunov promo…says JD McDonagh has no soul, takes pleasure in inflicting agony…but he will never break the will of the Czar.

*Dragon Lee spotted in the NXT audience.

(2)  Creed Brothers & Bron Breakker def. Indus Sher & Jinder Mahal…Julius hits the Cartwheel Slam on Veer…Brutus follows with the Brutus Ball for the win (11:14).

*Grayson Waller welcomes HBK to the Grayson Waller Effect…Waller tries to goad HBK into a match at Stand & Deliver…HBK says Waller will have a match against someone who bleeds NXT even more than the GM…Johnny Gargano returns & makes a beeline for Waller…he gets a few shots in but Waller bails just in time to avoid a Superkick as we go to break.

(3)  Gigi Dolin def. Jacy Jayne…Gigi uses an Abdominal Stretch to set up a modified Crucifix Bomb for the win (08:02)…AFTER…Jacy attacks Gigi…Jacy grabs a chair & hangs it around Gigi’s neck…extra refs slide in to keep things from getting ugly.

*Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley are apologizing to one another when Josh Briggs shows up to tell Jensen he spoke to Kiana…just then, Kiana James calls Jensen to set up a date to try again…Briggs saw roses in Kiana’s office & it seems Jensen didn’t send them…so Henley thinks she was right all along about Kiana cheating.

*Bron Breakker to the ring…calls out & gets Carmelo Hayes…both agree that it’s time for the two biggest stars in NXT to meet on the biggest stage…it’s finally happening at Stand & Deliver and it’s for the NXT Championship.

*Tyler Bate teaching Thea Hail breathing/relaxing exercises to get over her fear…Andre Chase thanks Tyler for helping…Duke Hudson isn’t buying Tyler’s “snake oil” methods.

(4)  Joe Gacy def. Andre Chase…Chase takes a moment to high five Thea Hail after she stands up to Ava Raine at ringside…but Chase turns around into The Upside Down by Gacy for the win (06:19).

*Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn perform a full moon ritual to aid their march towards the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

*Duke Hudson is growing frustrated with all the losing going on at Chase U…he blasts Andre Chase backstage & walks away.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…plans another open challenge for next week…Axiom interrupts, says he’ll be the one to answer it.

(5)  Roxanne Perez def. Meiko Satomura…retains her NXT Women’s Championship…Perez goes for PopRox on the floor but Meiko shakes her off…back inside Meiko scores with a series of kicks but misses with Scorpio Rising…Perez pulls Meiko into a Schoolgirl & bridges back to complete the Roll Up for the win (14:13)…AFTER…Meiko respectfully presents Perez with her title, bows, then raises Perez’s hand…Perez then collapses & the show ends with her being removed from the ring on a stretcher & being loaded into an ambulance..


NXT PREVIEW – Mar. 14, 2023

+ Gallus (c) vs. Pretty Deadly – for the NXT Tag Team Championship

+ Wes Lee will issue another North American Championship Open Challenge

+ We’ll hear from Johnny Gargano

+ Apollo Crews vs. Dabba-Kato


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