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SmackDown – Mar 17

SmackDown – Mar 17

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Kansas City, MO.

*Cody Rhodes to the ring…says he respects Roman but looks forward to beating him at WrestleMania…Cody asks for & gets Kevin Owens to join him in the ring…Cody then asks for Sami Zayn to join them as well…Sami reiterates that they don’t have to be friends to joins forces…KO asks why he would want to join forces with someone who doesn’t even ant to be his friend & walks away.

*Sami Zayn catches up to Kevin Owens as he’s leaving the building after the commercial break…Sami tells KO that he loves him, even if he never wants to talk to Sami again.

(1)  Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley def. Santos Escobar & Zelina Vega…in a MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH…Rhea with the Riptide on Zelina for the win (07:12)…AFTER…Dom grabs a mic & again runs down his father…on the ‘tron we see Rey Mysterio walking backstage as we go to break.

*Rey Mysterio to the ring after the commercial…Dominik Mysterio & Rhea Ripley are still in the ring…Rey asks Rhea to step aside & she does…Dom goes back on the verbal attack…Rey cuts him off & admits he missed a lot of big moments, but still loves him…Rey says he wants Dom by his side at his Hall of Fame induction…but he would never disgrace himself by fighting his son…Dom talks more trash as Rey walks away.

*Michael Cole announces men’s & women’s “Showcase” Fatal 4-Way Tag matches at WrestleMania…with qualifying matches in the coming weeks, starting with:

(2)  Women’s WrestleMania Qualifier: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez def. Tegan Nox & Emma…Raquel hits the Chingona Bomb on Emma…Liv follows with ob-LIV-ion on Emma for the win (03:45).

*Charlotte to the ring…she’s headed into her 7th Mania…and whether she entered as champion or challenger, she’s always been a star…says Rhea can’t be a star until she’s champions & she won’t be champion because she can’t get past Charlotte…Rhea Ripley to the ring…says she NEEDS to be a star, so she needs that title…and after WrestleMania, Charlotte will learn to fear Rhea…Dominik Mysterio talks some trash, allowing Rhea to land a cheap shot on Charlotte…Charlotte attacks & refs & agents race down to separate the two, but not before they get plenty of shots in & spill into the crowd.

*Sami Zayn backstage with Kayla…says one former “brother” just drove away from him…another former “brother” (Jey Uso) will probably try to take him out later tonight…so maybe he’s the problem…so if he did bring all this on himself, he’ll be ready to handle it on his own tonight.

(3)  Xavier Woods def. LA Knight…Woods counters a suplex attempt into the Backwoods for the Roll Up win (02:21). 

*The Great Muta is announced as the second inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023.

*LA Knight approaches Rey Mysterio backstage, says he would be happy to fight Rey’s “goofy son” at Mania…Rey pops Knight with a quick right & has some choice words for Knight…in Spanish.

*Gunther & Imperium out to watch the following WrestleMania Qualifier…

(4)  Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus ends in a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION…in an INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDER MATCH…both men go for a big boot around the 11 minute mark & the ref starts a 10 count with both men down…Gunther grows impatient & enters the ring, breaking the ref’s count at 8…as he barks at both competitors, Imperium attack from behind, causing the double DQ (11:38)…AFTER…it’s a 3-on-2 mugging…which ends with Gunther powerbombing Sheamus onto McIntyre…Adam Pearce appears on the ‘tron to tell Gunther his actions tonight will now lead to Gunther facing Sheamus & McIntyre in a triple threat at Mania.

*Jey Uso is in the ring as we return from break…Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring…Jey says Sami betrayed him & left him with no choice…Sami says Jey wishes he was the one who hit Roman for all the abuse…fists fly…Jimmy Uso attacks Sami & it’s a 2-on-1 beatdown…Kevin Owens slides in for the save…Stunner for Jimmy…Pop-Up Powerbomb for Jey…as the crowd chants for it, Sami & KO “HUG IT OUT!” as the show ends.


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+ Rey Mysterio vs. LA Knight


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