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NXT – Mar 14

NXT – Mar 14

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NXT Results

*LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Johnny Gargano to the ring…says Grayson Waller has had 2 shots at the title & failed, then blamed everyone else & talked trash about NXT…Vic Joseph shows Gargano the social media stream of Grayson Waller at Gargano’s house & Johnny leaves in a hurry.

*Axiom is following Wes Lee around all day because he’s determined to be the 1st one to the ring when the open challenge is issued.

(1)  Gallus def. Pretty Deadly…to retain their NXT Tag Team Championship…Wolfgang gets Wilson in a fireman’s carry…Coffey with a drive by headkick & Wolfgang spins Wilson off his shoulders into a slam for the win (12:35).

*Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley break into Kiana James’ office to find evidence she’s cheating on Jensen…they find dinner & date plans with a “Sebastian” in her date book.

*Roxanne Perez is out of the hospital, but may not be cleared in time for Stand & Deliver…so HBK declares qualifying matches will begin tonight for a Ladder Match to possibly crown a new NXT Women’s Champion at Stand & Deliver.

(2)  Stand & Deliver Qualifier: Zoey Stark def. Sol Ruca…Ruca connects on a Moonsault to the floor…but when she slingshots back in, Zoey catches & flips her into the Z-360 for the win (04:40).

*SCRYPTS seems like he’s got his sights set on newcomer Dragon Lee.

(3)  Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn def. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley and Katana Chance & Kayden Carter…in a TAG TITLE #1 CONTENDER MATCH…Paxley refuses to tag Nile out, leaving her to suffer a Backstabber/Swan-ton combo by Dawn & Fyre…Fyre covers Nile for the win (04:10).

*Tony D’Angelo & Stacks approach Bron Breakker backstage, offer to take out Carmelo Hayes before their contract signing tonight…Breakker says he’s got this & walks away…Tony D says it might be time for tag gold in the family.

*Ilja Dragunov to the ring…says he needs to get rid of JD McDonagh once & for all…JD out, says this was unavoidable…Ilja drove him out of UK, then followed him here…Ilja says next week it ends between them…fists fly…they brawl backstage & the camera cuts to…

*Pretty Deadly backstage with McKenzie…Stand & Deliver needs them…so they should host.

*Tyler Bate continues to teach Thea Hail relaxation techniques as Duke Hudson watches & shakes his head in disgust…Andre Chase tells Duke that Chase U. is about more than their win/loss record…as Andre leaves, Ava Raine approaches Duke & leaves a Schism mask next to him.

*Grayson Waller is outside Johnny Gargano’s house…but we knew that 40 minutes ago, so I’m not sure what we accomplished here.

*Axiom leads the charge to the ring to answer the open challenge as everyone backstage is brawling again for the opportunity…JD McDonagh & Ilja Dragunov’s brawl spills into the ring from the other side…SCRYPTS makes an appearance…and we’re STILL not getting to a f***ing match as the camera cuts to…

*Dragon Lee backstage with McKenzie…he’s come to bring the spirit of Lucha Libre to NXT & knows he’s going to love it here.

*Dabba-Kato & Apollo Crews video package…each plans to make the other pay.

*Jacy Jayne backstage with McKenzie…says Gigi Dolin separated her shoulder 1 minute into the match because Gigi takes shortcuts…she’s pathetic…Jacy will spend her time recovering planning to break Gigi’s heart…& face…again.

(4)  Dabba-Kato def. Apollo Crews…Dabba-Katro softens Crews up outside the ring & finishes him with a Chokebomb for the win (08:49).

*NXT_Anonymous shows HBK & Wes Lee talking backstage…Lee thinks he still has to prove himself…wants 10 challengers at Stand & Deliver…HBK meets him half way, says Lee can pick 4 opponents for a Fatal 5-Way.

(5)  Stand & Deliver Qualifier: Gigi Dolin def. Kiana James…Gigi catches Kiana with the Abdominal Stretch Bomb for the win (02:43)…AFTER…Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre attack Kiana until Brooks Jensen races down & runs them off.

*Johnny Gargano gets home & attacks Grayson Waller on his front lawn…they have an impromptu hardcore match…Waller ends it in front of Candice LeRae (who somehow beat Johnny home & was inside with baby Quill) by stomping Johnny into the lawn with Candice’s Wicked Step Sister maneuver.

*Fallon Henley & Josh Briggs arrive to find a very upset Kiana James & Brooks Jensen…Kiana is pissed that she was jumped & her tag partner wasn’t there to have her back…Jensen is upset because he thinks Briggs went to see “The Bear Movie” without him.

*Carmelo Hayes & Bron Breakker to the ring for their Stand & Deliver contract signing…Pretty Deadly interrupt, they’re here to “host” this signing…Melo says it’s time for a new champion…Breakker says it’s time for Melo’s first “miss”…both sign…they shake hands…Pretty Deadly don’t want to see them leave without some drama…so Bron & Melo put Prince & Wilson through the table.


NXT PREVIEW – Mar. 21, 2023

+ Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh


NXT STAND & DELIVER PREVIEW – Sat. Apr. 1, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA

+ Hosted by Pretty Deadly

+ Bron Breakker (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes – for the NXT Championship

+ Zoey Stark vs. Gigi Dolin vs. [Opponents TBD] – in a Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s Championship

+ Wes Lee (c) vs. 4 opponents of his choosing – in a Fatal 5-Way for the North American Championship

+ Fallon Henley & Kiana James (c) vs. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn – for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Grayson Waller vs. Johnny Gargano


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