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Sacrifice – Mar 24

Sacrifice – Mar 24

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iMPACT!+ Sacrifice 2023 Results

*LIVE on iMPACT!+ from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

(Countdown – 1)  Eddie Edwards def. Bhupinder Gujjar…Edwards with the Boston Knee Party for the win (07:26).

(Countdown – 2)  Rosemary def. KiLynn King…King is distracted as Jessicka drops Taylor Wilde at ringside…King turns around into a Spear from Rosemary for the win (09:08).

(3)  Mike Bailey def. Jonathan Gresham…both men work the legs of their opponent…Bailey misses Ultima Weapon & Gresham locks on the Figure-4 for the third time in the match…but Bailey turns it over & gets Gresham to tap for the submission win (19:30).

*Brian Myers backstage with Gia…Moose interrupts, says he’s going to make sure Myers beats Hendry tonight…Santino Marella hears from nearby & bans Moose from ringside.

(4)  Joe Hendry def. Brian Myers…retains his Digital Media Championship…Hendry catches Myers coming off the 2nd buckle & hits a cutter…Hendry follows with the Standing Ovation for the win (08:54).

*Mickie James & Santino Marella backstage with Gia…Mickie has a broken rib & can’t defend tonight…at Rebellion, Jordynne Grace will face the winner of the Multiverse women’s match (Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Miyu Yamashita) for the Knockouts Championship…but if Mickie is healthy by then, it will be a triple threat.

(5)  Deonna Purrazzo def. Gisele Shaw…Deonna locks on Venus de Milo & gets the verbal submission for the win (08:38)…AFTER…Savannah Evans attacks Deonna…Tasha Steelz to the ring & takes a swing at Evans…Jai Vidal grabs Tasha & gets dropped with a Tornado DDT & a Cutter from Tasha.

(6)  PCO def. Kenny King…after Eddie Edwards stalls PCO just long enough, King yanks PCO off the top buckle & spine first to the apron’s edge…King pulls up the protective mats & delivers a Suplex & Blue Thunder Bomb to concrete…PCO just beats the ref’s 10 count…Edwards distracts the ref as King hits PCO in the back with a steel chair…PCO punches the chair into the face of King just before the ref turns around & makes the cover for the win (10:41).

*Jody Threat vignette…the “Wild Child” is coming to Impact.

*Steve Maclin tells Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian that he doesn’t have to like them to work with them…he wants to win this match tonight & that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

(7)  Trey Miguel def. Lince Dorado…retains his X-Division Championship…Trey slingshots into a Sunset Bomb to get a 2 count…Trey ‘ranas into a Roll Up on Dorado for the win (11:48).

*TMDK backstage with Gia…they love gold & they’re here to take some from the “micro mini” version of Bullet Club tonight.

(8)  Ace Austin & Chris Bey def. TMDK…retain their Impact Tag Team Championship…Ace & Bey hit Shane Haste with knees from either side of his head to send him to the floor…Bey with the assisted Art of Finesse on Bad Dude Tito…Ace follows with The Fold to Tito for the win (12:42).

(9)  Bully Ray def. Tommy Dreamer…in a BUSTED OPEN MATCH…Bully jumps Dreamer before the bell, goes right for a chair…Dreamer has an ECW replica title that he busts Bully in the face with…Dreamer grabs a refreshing sip of soda, spits it in Bully’s face, then bends the can & tries to slice Bully open with it…Bully grabs a beer from a fan, who happens to be former NHL tough guy Darren McCarty, then spits it in McCarty’s face & pie-faces the 4-time Stanley Cup Champion…Dreamer introduces the thumbtacks, then the cheese grater…the ref takes a bump as Dreamer nails Bully with the cheese grater…the Good Hands down to attack Dreamer & help Bully wipe some away the blood that’s pouring down his forehead…Dreamer with the grater again, Bully begs off by telling Dreamer, “Your daughters will see this”…Dreamer hesitates & Bully hits him with a low blow uppercut…Bully takes Dreamer to the outside & busts open his forehead…Bully hides his head on the other side of the ring with a towel as Hotch wakes up the ref to see Dreamer bleeding & call for the bell (11:21)

*AFTER…the Good Hands set up a table…Yuya Uemora down to save Tommy DreamerDarren McCarty jumps the barricade & is swarmed by Security…Bully tells them to let him go & there’s a HOCKEY FIGHT in the Impact Zone…McCarty gets the upper hand, until the Good Hands attack…McCarty gets put through the table with a 3-man assisted Powerbomb…Scott D’Amore out…Bully invites him to the ring…D’Amore has back up in the form of Heath, Rhino, Mike Bailey, Jonathan Gresham, & Joe Hendry…Bully bails but Jason Hotch attacks the Impact President from behind…D’Amore get the upper hand & hits a Canadian Destroyer on Hotch as Bully backs up the ramp. 

(10)  Time Machine def. Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, & Frankie Kazarian…Kushida & Sabin roll into a launch of Kushida onto Maclin’s shoulder & he quickly sinks in the Hoverboard Lock…perhaps to save his limb for his upcoming World Title match, Maclin taps pretty quickly giving the submission win to Time Machine (22:04).


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