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California Love – Mar 30

California Love – Mar 30

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California Love Results

*Live from the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA.

This is a GCW and Santino Brothers Wrestling collaboration starting at 2PM Eastern. I’ll have live coverage below.

Game Changer runs the Ukrainian Cultural Center quite often for LA Fights. It’s a great looking venue for the stream.

Kidd Bandit defeats Eli Everfly by pinfall in the first match. A lot of kicks and evasions by both competitors in the opening moments of the match. Bandit landed a big roundhouse in the corner, but Everfly connected with one of his own before Bandit could take advantage. Everfly hit a sliced bread on the apron followed by a meteora on the apron. Ultimately Bandit used her Angel Killer finisher for the pinfall victory (07:25). The Angel Killer is an UshiGoroshi coming out of the electric chair position.

Ray Rosas defeats Big Dick Hoss, Koto Hiro, El Primohenio, Alec Tomas, and Richie Coyby pinfall in a Six Person Scramble. The winner of this match gets an Inner City Championship Match. These scramble matches are always a cluster and this one is no different. Rosas wins with a big top rope elbow smash.

Tyler Bateman defeats Raunchy Rico w/ Damian Arsenic by pinfall in the third match. Long promo from Rico and Arsenic prior to the match. Arsenic reminded the fans about soap and water. Bateman used a tombstone to get the pinfall victory.

Lucas Riley and Dom Kubrick defeat Cam Gates and The DKC in match number four. Dom Kubrick went for a moonsault that had an extra half a rotation so he landed on his back. DKC moved out of the way, but that move was wild. Dom Kubrick and Lucas won by pinfall after an assisted cutter in (14:35).

After the match Big Dick Hoss came out, Cam Gates attacked the DKC from behind.

Bad Dude Tito defeats Matt Vandagriff  by pinfall. Tito went on a big run at the end with a dead lift German suplex, dive to the outside, killer clothesline, and a frog splash for the pinfall victory (08:35).

Video Package for the Inner City Championship Match.

Delilah Doom (ch) defeats Heather Monroe and Johnnie Robbie to retain her Inner City Championship. Doom used sort of an inverted destroyer for the pinfall (13:03).

After the match, Ray Rosas (who previously earned a title shot in the six person scramble) attacked Delilah Doom. The crowd let Rosas know he was an asshole as Ray tried to explain himself.

Main Event

Che Cabrera (ch) defeats Willie Mack by pinfallto retain his Heavyweight Championship Match. Good showing from Willie Mack, but Che used a jackhammer for the pinfall.

There  was a post-match beatdown, but the locker room emptied. The bad guys still stood tall in the end. Damian Arsenic says nobody can touch Che Cabrera including Slice Boogie who is on commentary. That brings Boogie to the ring who took out Arsenic. Slice Boogie says he’s taking the title back at July 29th – LA Rumble.

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