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AEW Revolution – Mar 5

AEW Revolution – Mar 5

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AEW Revolution Results

*Live from San Francisco, CA.

(Zero Hour – 1)  Mark Briscoe & Lucha Brothers def. Ari Daivari & Varsity Athletes…in a TRIOS MATCH…Briscoe lands the Froggy-bow on Daivari for the win (12:50).

(2)  Ricky Starks def. Chris Jericho…Jericho counters a Starks Spear into a Code Breaker for 2…even though the Jericho Appreciation Society is banned from ringside, Sammy Guevara strolls down the ramp…but is cut off by Action Andretti…as the ref’s attention is drawn to their brawl on the ramp, Jericho delivers a gut-shot with Floyd…but Starks blocks the ensuing Judas Effect (why hasn’t anyone else ever thought to just lift their forearm?!)…Starks gets Jericho up for the Rochambeau for the win (13:48).

(3)  Jungle Boy Jack Perry def. Christian Cage…THE FINAL BURIAL…the match starts in the ring, spills into the crowd & all over before eventually heading up the ramp to the makeshift grave site…Perry is about to clobber Cage with a chair but Cage delivers a low blow kick…Perry is the first into the casket, but won’t allow Cage to close the lid…Cage delivers the Killswitch on the dirt mound & starts to work Perry over with a chair…Perry knocks the chair out of Cage’s hands with a shovel…Perry locks on the Snaretrap & uses the shovel to complete the crossface…Cage goes to sleep…Perry grabs another chair & delivers a nasty con-chair-to…Perry drags Cage’s carcass into the casket & slams the lid for the win (14:49).

(4)  House of Black def. The Elite…to become the NEW AEW World Trios Champion…after the requisite 17 minutes of absolute insanity expected from a trios title match, including Julia Hart eating an accidental V-Trigger from Omega…the Bucks set Malakai up for a Meltzer Driver but Matthews cuts Nick off with a jumping knee…Malakai escapes from Matt & delivers Black Mass…Matthews tosses Matt into the arms of King for Dante’s Inferno, Malakai covers for the win (17:58).

(5)  Jamie Hayter def. Saraya & Ruby Soho…in a 3-WAY MATCH to retain her AEW Women’s World Championship…Hayter avoids Destination Unknown & delivers Hayter-ade but misses Ruby & levels Saraya instead…Ruby tries a roll up but Hayter powers out…Hayter tries for a roll up but Ruby kicks out…Hayter this time traps the arms with a modified Crucifix on Ruby for the Roll Up win (10:05)…AFTER… Toni Störm in to attack Hayter…Britt Baker in for the save but doesn’t have much luck…Ruby finally seems to pick a side & tosses Toni & Saraya to the floor…but then drops Hayter with No Future & Baker with Destination Unknown…Ruby then takes the spraypaint from Saraya & “tags” Hayter & Baker.

(6)  Hangman Adam Page def. Jon Moxley…in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH…barbed wire-wrapped chairs, barbed wire-wrapped boards, barbed wire-wrapped boots, barbed wire-wrapped Hangman Moonsaults, steel chains, steel chairs, masonry bricks, forks, & more come into play…it’s basically 25 minutes of “HOLY SHIT!” chants…Hangman grabs a sleeper & is trying to work a steel chain into the situation to help, but Mox mule kicks his way out…Mox confidently wraps the chain around his own neck & shoulders like a trophy as Hangman goes upside his head with one of the bricks Mox used to stomp his hand earlier…Hangman to the outside as Mox flips him off awaiting what he knows is coming…Buckshot Lariat knocks Mox down but his momentum brings him right back to his feet against the ropes…Hangman with another clothesline to send Mox to the floor but Hangman grabs part of the chain & Mox is being hung by the neck…Mox taps giving Hangman the submission win (26:18).

(7)  Wardlow def. Samoa Joe…to become the NEW TNT Champion…Joe has Wardlow in Powerbomb position & mocks the symphony…Wardlow goes up & escapes over Joe’s shoulders…Wardlow with a huge headbutt & jumps on Joe’s back to lock in a sleeper…Wardlow takes Joe to the ground with it…the ref raises Joe’s arm & it drops…it drops a 2nd time…it drops a 3rd time & we have a technical submission win for Wardlow (10:41)…as Wednesday’s opponent, Powerhouse Hobbs, watches from a luxury box.

(8)  The Gunns def. The Acclaimed, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett, and Danhausen & Orange Cassidy…in a 4-WAY TAG MATCH to retain their AEW Tag Team Championship…the Gunns hit the 3:10 to Yuma (basically a 3-D that ends with a Flatliner) on Danhausen, Austin covers for the win (13:20)…AFTER…Renee in to interview The Gunns…Colten says they’re the best tag team in the world…FTR to the ring & the brawl is on…Colten takes the Stuck Piledriver & Austin gets a Big Rig.

*MJF gets a live, demonic symphony rendition of his entrance music…

(9)  MJF def. Bryan Danielson…in a 60 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH to retain his AEW World Championship…Danielson with a Busaiku Knee & a 3 count to take the 1st fall (25:26)…MJF with a low blow that earns a DQ to give Danielson the 2nd fall (26:30)…MJF Rolls Up Danielson after the low blow to take the 3rd fall (26:40)…MJF releases the cover & then jumps back on the still woozy Danielson to take the 4th fall (26:47)…TIED AT 2 FALLS as MJF rolls out for a water break & Danielson waits for his testicles to descend from his stomach…MJF with a top buckle Savage Elbow puts Danielson through the timekeepers table…MJF follows with a Tombstone on the remnants of the table, then catches Danielson coming back into the ring with a Heatseeker & a 3 count to take the 5th fall (40:31)…MJF LEADS 3-2…Danielson with a Diving Headbutt that busts MJF wide open, Busaiku Knee, & transitions into the modified STF/LeBell stretch gets MJF to tap & give Danielson the 6th fall (49:21)…TIED AT 3 FALLS…Danielson kicks out after a Heatseeker with just under 4 minutes to go…MJF hits an Avalanche Tombstone but re-aggravates his injured knee & can’t make the cover…Danielson grabs the injured leg & sits deep into a single-leg crab for nearly the last 2 minutes as time expires (60:00)…ending the match in a TIME LIMIT DRAW…AFTERTony Schiavone gets word in his headset at the announce desk & goes to the ring to relay that Tony Khan has ordered the match to re-start under SUDDEN DEATH RULES…MJF with a low blow behind the ref’s back but Danielson kicks at 2…MJF grabs the title belt so that when the ref takes it, he can grab the Dynamite Diamond Ring from his trunks, but the loaded punch misses & Danielson hits another Busaiku Knee…MJF somehow kicks at 2…Danielson with another single-leg crab…MJF makes it to the rope with his right hand but taps with his left, making Danielson think he’s gotten the submission…MJF rolls out & grabs an oxygen tank from under the ring & nails Danielson when he comes to the apron’s edge…MJF mockingly applies the LeBell Lock…Danielson is forced to tap for the submission win to MJF (65:15).


AEW DYNAMITE PREVIEW – Mar. 8, 2023 – Sacramento, CA.

+ Wardlow (c) vs. Powerhouse Hobbs – for TNT Championship


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