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ROH on Honor Club – March 23

ROH on Honor Club – March 23

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ROH on Honor Club Results

*Taped from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

It is episode 4 of the new era of Ring of Honor.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary with Bobby Cruise doing the ring announcing.

Lexi Nair w/ Samoa Joe. Joe says he’ll be reminding Mark Briscoe of what it’s like to step in the ring with the King of Television.

Mark Briscoe defeats Tony Nese w/ Smart Mark and Josh Woods by pinfall. Nese attacked Briscoe before the bell, but his advantage didn’t last long. Briscoe hit his Cactus Jack tribute elbow smash to the floor, but while on the outside got distracted by Smart Mark allowing Nese to push Briscoe into the post. Briscoe eventually got things back under control. Spicolli driver and Froggy Bow for the pinfall victory (08:49).

Metalik, AR Fox, and Blake Christian defeat The Trustbusters (Slim J, Jeeves K, and Ari Daivari) w/ Smart Mark by pinfall. Stephon Smith oversaw the Code of Honor before the match. We get more disgust from Ian as the Trustbusters tear up their $350 under shirts. Tons of big moves in this one, but the match concluded with a creative Spanish Fly / Powerbomb from Metalik and Christian on Slim J and Ari Daivari. AR Fox hit a cutter on Jeeves and a 450 splash for the pinfall victory (13:22).

After the match, The Embassy attacked Metalik, AR Fox, and Blake Christian. While it was not officially announced on the show, it does seem obvious that these teams will probably be wrestling for the six man titles at Supercard of Honor.

Skye Blue defeats Lady Frost by pinfall. Mike Posey does oversee the Code of Honor. Blue used Skyefall to get the pinfall victory (07:20). Frost and Blue shook hands following the match.

Rush and Dralistico w/ Jose “the Assistant” defeat Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams by pinfall. Paul Turner requested the handshake, but Rush threw a kick and Dralistico offered a middle finger. Rhett Titus found out that if you mess with the Bull, you get the horns! Rush with a corner dropkick for the pinfall victory (5:37).

Caprice Coleman with Claudio and Eddie Kingston. Caprice asks why Claudio says Eddie does not have honor. Claudio apologizes for his comments, but reiterates that a man like Eddie Kingston should never be ROH Champion. Kingston says Claudio’s apology means nothing. Eddie says the ROH title belongs to his lineage and people he trained with (Homicide, Xavier, etc). Claudio says the title belongs to people who don’t quit when it gets tough. He also says Eddie Kingston is not on his level. Claudio finally gives Eddie the shot, but when Kingston loses he’ll blame everyone but himself. The match is set for Supercard of Honor.

Matt Taven w/ Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett defeats Darius Martin by pinfall (07:34). Taven got the win here, but of note is the fact that Dante didn’t come out with Darius. . . so this was three on one. Dante Martin did come out to prevent a post match beat down.

Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana, Kaun, and Toa defeats Tony Deppen by pinfall. Cage used the drill claw to earn the pin (4:28). After the match, The Embassy tried to take some liberties with Deppen, but Metalik, Fox, and Christian made the save.

Shane Taylor w/ JD Griffey defeats Silas Young by pinfall after hitting him with he package piledriver (06:46).

Billie Starkz defeats Miranda Alize by pinfall. Billie Starkz used a tombstone she calls the “Starkz Driver” to earn the pinfall (6:57).

Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) defeat Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal by pinfall. Aussie Open used Coriolis for the pinfall victory (14:11). Code of honor adhered to following the match.

Samoa Joe defeats Cheeseburger to retain his ROH World Television Championship. Not much of a match, but Joe used a Muscle Buster for the pinfall victory (1:02).

After the match, Joe hit a second muscle buster and brought a chair into the ring. Briscoe ran down for the save.


ROH on Honor Club PREVIEW – Mar. 30, 2023 – Location TBD



ROH Supercard of Honor PPV PREVIEW – Friday March 31, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA.

+ Claudio Castagnoli (c) v. Eddie Kingston for the ROH World Championship.

+ Reach for the Sky Ladder Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships: Lucha Bros v. ?

+ Samoa Joe (c) v. Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Television Championship

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