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Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F – March 31

Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F – March 31

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Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F Results

The event starts at 2PM, and I’ll have live coverage right here.

We kick things off with a scramble match. Emil Jay is on commentary. This building is nowhere near capacity

Seven Person Scramble Match – Terry Yaki v. Lucas Riley v. Brogan Finlay v. MBM v. Man Like Dereiss v. Bobby Flaco v. Midas Creed 

Emil points out that of course Jimmy Lloyd will have a scramble match on his event. I’m struggling to think of very many GCW shows that don’t some sort of scramble match. There’s one thing I know going into this thing: I’m going to see some crazy spots. Brogan Finlay by the way is part of the famous Finlay family of wrestlers (Fit, David, etc), but he hasn’t really made it on a big platform yet. We see the first five or six dives between minutes 3 and 5, and the wrestlers end up where the fans should be (but that section is empty). This style of work is really fast are everyone is trying to get some impressive moves in. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it always keeps your attention. Terry Yaki ends up getting the win when he hits a leaping avalanche DDT for the pinfall.

Winner: Terry Yaki – roughly 7 minutes

Titus Alexander v. Cole Radrick – Singles Match

Emil is joined by Isaac on commentary. Isaac explains that Titus Alexander holds victories over Will Ospreay and Mike Bailey. Titus went for a Lethal Injection, but Radrick kicked Titus straight in the head. Titus got the lethal injection a minute or two later. Cole hit Sebastian’s Curse for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Cole Radrick around 9:15

Jack Cartwheel v. Hunter Drake – Singles Match

Emil and Isaac explain the history of the “cartwheel” name, which they admit is completely fiction, but I appreciate their humor. Cartwheel went for a couple of flying moves in the first five minutes, but Hunter Drake put his knees up both times. At about ten minutes, but Cartwheel hit a “Space Flying Monkey Drop” and a shooting star press for the pinfall.

Winner: Jack Cartwheel

Kenzie Paige v. Sandra Moone – Singles Match

Moone used a devastating gut wrench driver for the pinfall

Winner: Sandra Moone in a little over 6 minutes

Jimmy Lloyd v. Bodhi Young Prodigy – Singles Match

Apparently Bodhi is about 15 years old, and he’s working a very acrobatic style. He hit some impressive moves like a springboard cutter that turned out to be more like a front facing DDT based on the angle that Lloyd’s head hit the mat. Jimmy Lloyd used a package piledriver to get the pinfall.

Winner: Jimmy Lloyd in about 5 minutes

Starboy Charlie v. Alec Price – Singles Match

Starboy is wrestling in overall jorts. At around the 10 minute mark, Alec Price used an air raid crash across his knee for a near fall. Starboy Charlie dropkicked Price through the ropes, hit a moonsault to the floor, and a tortilla off the top for a big near fall. Charlie did his best Jerry “the King” Lawler impression by pulling his overall straps down. Starboy put on a crossface and earned the submission.

Winner: Starboy Charlie in about 11.5 minutes

Bobby Orlando v. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer set up a door on two chairs . .. the GCW version of a table. She ended up going through the table as Orlando hit a leaping cutter through the table. That move only earned him a near fall and a “you can’t beat her” chant from crowd. Bobby found another door and some more chairs under the ring. This time Sawyer Wreck slammed Bobby Orlando through the table with a double choke slam for the pinfall.

Winner: Sawyer Wreck

Four Way Tag Match: Wasted Youth (Dillon McKay and Marcus Mathers) v. CPF (Danny Black and Joe Lando) v. Bang Bros (August Matthews and Davey Bang) v. Bestbros (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki)

This is basically a tornado tag meaning there aren’t tags. Bang Bros hit tandem dives a couple minutes into the match. The Bang Bros went for dueling 450s but they both got caught. Mei got on the back of Akki and they dove from the top turnbuckle onto a pile on the floor. This was followed by a few other dives. Marcus Mathers hit a 450 splash to get the pinfall for his team.

Winners: Wasted Youth

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