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SmackDown – Mar 10

SmackDown – Mar 10

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Pittsburgh, PA.

*The Usos arrive to the building & are met by Paul Heyman…Jey, who does not appear to be in a good mood, tells the Wise Man to let Roman Reigns know he’s here…Kayla approaches, looking for answers to why Jey turned on Sami…Jey says he’ll say everything he’s got to say in the ring later.

(1)  Drew McIntyre & Sheamus def. Xavier Woods, LA Knight, & Karrion Kross in a FATAL 5-WAY INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING MATCH…via a DOUBLE PIN…Woods comes off the top buckle but gets caught with a Brogue Kick…LA Knight gets hit with a Claymore…Sheamus covers Woods, Drew covers Knight…2 refs slide in & count simultaneous 3-counts for the double win (17:37)…AFTER…the referees argue as the crowd chants for a “TRIPLE THREAT!”…looks like Gunther needs to get ready for two opponents at WrestleMania.

*Paul Heyman backstage with Kayla…says Cody Rhodes foolishly got involved in Bloodline business at the end of Raw…but once Cody loses at Mania, he will have to acknowledge Roman Reigns.

*Rey Mysterio is announced as the 1st inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023…Rey makes his way to the ring…Judgment Day interrupt…Dom says he’s ashamed to be his son…Santos Escobar & Legado del Fantasma make their way out…6-Man tag scheduled for later…Santos says let’s do it now.

(2)  Judgment Day def. Legado del Fantasma…in a 6-MAN TAG MATCH…Del Toro rolls Dom up with the ref’s back turned as he’s admonishing the chaos at ringside between Rey Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, Zelina Vega, & the other members of the actual match…Priest sneaks in to deliver a Superkick to Del Toro…Dom makes the cover as the ref turns around for the win (>09:10…match started during commercial)…AFTER…Dom gabs a mic & says he want a heart-to-heart with dad…Dom sends the rest of Judgment Day out of the ring…Dom says Rey belongs in the Deadbeat Dad Hall of Fame…he should have been Eddie’s son…Dom pie-faces Rey…Dom charges at Rey, Rey drops down & Dom flies out of the ring.

*Charlotte asks Adam Pearce for a match tonight…he agrees to find her an opponent.

(3)  Viking Raiders def. Ricochet & Braun Strowman…Ricochet misses a 450 Splash on Ivar…Ivar drops Ricochet with a spinning back heel kick & follows with a Bullfrog Splash for the win (10:54).

*Gunther is in Adam Pearce’s office to complain that Pearce’s job was to find him a WrestleMania challenger (singular)…Pearce says Sheamus & McIntyre will fight next week to determine who faces Gunther at Mania.

(4)  Charlotte def. Shotzi…NON-TITLE…around the 2 minute mark, Rhea Ripley makes her way to ringside…Charlotte applies the Figure-8 & gets the tap for the submission win (08:30)…AFTER…Rhea into the ring…says at Mania she will take that one thing that makes Charlotte feel important…Charlotte says Rhea may be proud of how she’s improved…but Charlotte has, too…& will outwork anyone in the business.

*The Usos to the ring…Jey Uso asks all those who want to know why he turned on Sami, “What would you do?”…he didn’t have a choice, you always stand with FAMILY…Jey blames Sami for being selfish…all Sami had to do was fall in line…Jimmy Uso says now that Sami is out of the way, the only “problem” left to take care of now is Cody…which is enough to bring Cody Rhodes out…Jimmy tells Cody to stop in the aisle or they’ll take him out, too…Sami Zayn slide in & attacks Jey…Cody to the ring & attacks Jimmy…Cody & Sami clear the ring as the show ends.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Mar. 17, 2023

+ Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre – in a(nother) Intercontinental Championship Qualifying Match


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