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SmackDown – Mar 24

SmackDown – Mar 24

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Las Vegas, NV.

(1)  Cody Rhodes def. Ludwig Kaiser…just before the 1st break Paul Heyman makes his way out to watch from in front of the ‘tron…around the 10 minute mark, Solo Sikoa makes his way out & walks to ringside with Heyman…a really good match from both men ends with a Cody Cutter & Cross Rhodes for the win (17:48)…AFTER…Heyman on the mic…does a “better” announcement of Rhodes as the winner…Heyman then mentions there’s a pothole on his Road to WrestleMania…because this Monday he goes one-on-one with Solo Sikoa…and if Cody survives, Roman Reigns will have one final face-to-face with Cody next week on SmackDown…Cody says Sikoa will find out on Raw that he’s not ready…& at Mania, Roman will find out he’s not ready either.

*Charlotte to the ring…she’s a 14 time world champion & she doesn’t fear Rhea, but she does respect her…and she makes no apologies for continuing the greatest legacy in sports entertainment history.

(2)  LA Knight def. Rey Mysterio…just before we go to break, Dominik Mysterio makes his way to ringside…Rey goes for the 619 but Knight catches his legs…Rey ‘ranas him right back into position for the 619…but when Rey hits the far ropes, Dom trips him…as Rey barks at Dom ringside, Knight Rolls Up Rey for the win (11:49)…AFTER…Dom gets in the ring & shoves Rey, still asking for that match at Mania…Rey walks away…Dom asks his mom what it’s like to be married to a deadbeat/loser…he gets right in mom’s face in the 1st row…calls his sister stupid & tells his mom to shut up…Rey’s finally had enough & drops Dom with a right hand…Rey says Dom has pushed things too far…if he want a match at WrestleMania, he’s on.

(3)  Women’s Qualifier: Natalya & Shotzi def. Lacey Evans & Xia Li…Natty locks the Sharpshooter on Xia for the submission win (03:37)…AFTER…Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez hop up on the apron…Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler out…Shayna says all 4 of those women want revenge on Ronda & Shayna for injuring them…but Vegas doesn’t deserve to see them fight…so Liv, Raquel, Natty, & Shotzi will have to wait for Mania, because Ronda & Shayna have been added to the 4-way showcase tag match.

*Adam Pearce is in the ring for the Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Contract Signing…Drew McIntyre to the ring…followed by Sheamus…then Gunther, who is pissed that he has to defend against 2 men…things get testy among the “seconds” & Butch gets physical as we go to break…during the break, Gunther demands a match & it’s already going as we return…

(4)  Gunther def. Butch…distractions at ringside as Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, & Ridge Holland go at it…Gunther with the Last Symphony on Butch for the win (>09:39…match began in commercial)…AFTER…Sheamus & Gunther stare at the Mania sign…Sheamus sidesteps a Claymore & McIntyre nails Gunther with it.

*Street Profits approached backstage by Ricochet & Braun Strowman…they trade jokes & insults…and they all can’t wait for their showcase tag match.

*Kevin Owens welcomes Sami Zayn to the KO Show…KO reminds Sami that he’s been saying he needs a new shirt…KO shows Sami this year’s KO-Mania design, but the front of the shirt says Wrestle-ZAYN-ia…KO & Sami hug but The Usos attack & drop KO with stereo superkicks & hit Sami with 1-D before rolling out & heading up the aisle as the show ends.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – Mar. 31, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA

+ Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes have one final face-to-face before Mania

+ Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. Imperium

+ Andre the Giant Battle Royal

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