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NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 – Apr 1

NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 – Apr 1

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NXT Stand and Deliver Results

*Live from Los Angeles, CA.

(1)  Chase U. & Tyler Bate def. Schism…in an 8-PERSON MIXED TAG for CONTROL OF ANDRE CHASE UNIVERSITY…Hudson accepts a Schism t-shirt & appears to side with them…then rips it off & leads the Chase U comeback…Chase & Hudson hit the Frat-liner on Reid, Hudson covers for the win (12:11).

(2)  Indi Hartwell def. Roxanne Perez, Zoey Stark, Gigi Dolin, Tiffany Stratton, & Lyra Valkyria…in a LADDER MATCH to become the NEW NXT Women’s Champion…Gigi sends Lyra off the ladder & is all alone near the top until Jacy Jayne makes her way quickly up the other side & knocks Gigi off, crashing onto the ladder bridged to the corner…Jacy is led out of the arena by Security & Indi is all alone…she starts to make the climb but her ribs are too injured…Dexter Lumis pops up from under the ring & helps Indi make the climb & pull down the title for the win (17:08).

(3)  Gallus def. Creed Brothers & Tony D’Angelo/Stacks…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to retain their NXT Tag Team Championship…Tony & Stacks hit a 2-man move on Mark & Stacks goes for the cover…Joe Coffey pulls Stacks off the cover & out of the ring…Joe drops Stacks on the floor & rolls him back in…Mark & Wolfgang complete the running knee/spinning flapjack combo & Wolfgang covers for the win (07:57).

*Pretty Deadly are outside Bron Breakker’s locker room for an interview…but they think better of interrupting his preparation for the main event.

(4)  Wes Lee def. Dragon Lee, Ilja Dragunov, JD McDonagh, & Axiom…in a FATAL 5-WAY OPEN CHALLENGE to retain his North American Championship…Ilja has Dragon Lee in his sights for Torpedo Moscow, but Wes Lee cuts him off with a Cardiac Kick & covers Dragunov for the win (20:44). 

(5)  Johnny Gargano def. Grayson Waller…in an UNSACTIONED MATCH…broken tables, bent chairs, splintered kendo sticks, crumpled garbage cans, & rattled ring steps come into play…Waller takes Johnny to ringside to beat him in front of his wife & son…but when Johnny turns it around Candice LeRae hops the barricade & gets in some kendo stick shots on Waller…Johnny hits One Final Beat but Waller kicks at 2…Waller goes Coast-to-Coast to kick the garbage can over Johnny’s torso but only gets 2 on the ensuing cover…Johnny Powerbombs Waller through the commentary desk but before they get back in the ring Waller hits a low blow to retake control…Johnny returns the favor with a low blow of his own in the ring & then goes to town on Waller with a steel chair before locking in the Gargano Escape to get the tap & the submission win (18:48)…AFTER…Candice joins Johnny as he heads up the aisle…Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell meet them in front of the ‘tron to celebrate…THIS IS THE WAY!

*Pretty Deadly approach Tony D’Angelo & Stacks in the locker room…they point out that Pretty Deadly seems to be the only team who can beat Gallus…that doesn’t sit well with the family and pushing & shoving follows…refs swarm to keep things from getting crazy.

(6)  Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn def. Fallon Henley & Kiana James…to become the NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions…Kiana asks Brooks Jensen for her bag that he’s holding at ringside, but Fallon & Josh Briggs tell him not to do it…Kiana is wasting time…Isla hits Kiana with a Backstabber & holds her in place for Alba to hit a Swan-ton Bomb for the win (09:14).

*NXT Battleground is the next NXT Premium Live Event…May 28th in Lowell, MA.

(7)  Carmelo Hayes def. Bron Breakker…to become the NEW NXT Champion…around the 9 minute mark Bron gets Melo up in a Torture Rack but Trick Williams pulls Melo to the ropes to get free…the ref decides not to call a DQ & instead ejects Trick from ringside…at the 14 minute mark Bron Spears Melo but the ref gets caught in the collision…Bron sits down in the Steiner Recliner & Melo taps but the ref is out…Trick Williams returns to hit Bron with the NXT title & drags Melo into a cover…the ref wakes in time to make a count but Bron kicks at 2…Bron gets Melo up in the Gorilla Press, but Melo counters into a Code Breaker & follows with NOTHING BUT NET for the win (16:50)…AFTER…Bron hands over the NXT title & raises the hand of the new champ.


NXT PREVIEW – Apr. 4, 2023

+ Pretty Deadly vs. Tony D’Angelo & Stacks

+ Odyssey Jones vs. Dijak


NXT BATTLEGROUND PREVIEW – May 28, 2023 – Lowell, MA.

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