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ROH on Honor Club – March 30

ROH on Honor Club – March 30

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ROH on Honor Club Results

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It is episode 5 of the new era of Ring of Honor.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary with Bobby Cruise doing the ring announcing.

Bloodsport ran over, so I’m starting this about 20 minutes late. Joining the Shazza/Miyu match already in progress.

Miyu Yamashita defeats Shazza McKenzie – Yamashita used a big roundhouse kick to get a pinfall victory.

The Embassy (Gates of Agony + Brian Cage) w/ Prince Nana defeat JD Griffey, Dak Draper, and Arjun Singh by pinfall. Mike Posey oversaw the code of honor. Dak Draper is enormous in comparison to Brian Cage. The match came to an abrupt conclusion when Brian Cage suplexed Arjun Singh into the ring and followed up with the pinfall (03:09).

Metalik and AR Fox defeats Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo by pinfall.The Infantry looked really good in this match. It’s nice to see them get some reps in as they have some innovative offense that we really haven’t seen because they’re never on TV. Metalik walked the ropes and hit his elbow drop to earn the pinfall victory for his team.

Athena (ch) defeats Emi Sakura by submission to retain the ROH World Women’s Championship. Emi has an entourage that include Mei Suruga and Baliyann Akki. Action spilled to the outside where Athena viciously dropkicked Emi into the ring apron. Mei Suruga tried to interfere, but Athena slammed her on the floor. Emi followed up on the distraction by tossing Athena into the stairs. Back in the ring Athena went for a handspring forearm shot , but Emi beat her to the punch. Emi hit a big back breaker and a moonsault for a near fall. When Athena went for the “O Face,” Emi countered and hit the crossroads for another near fall. Athena managed to put on a crossface and Emi tapped out. Really good match here.

After the match, Athena began taking some liberties on Emi Sakura. Athena wedged Eli’s leg between the stairs and the post. Before Athena could cause injury to Emi, Yuka Sakazaki ran down as Ian and Caprice confirmed the Supercard of Honor match will be Yuka v. Athena. The segment closes with Yuka diving off the top to the floor onto Athena and a bunch of officials.

Rush, Dralistico, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis Bennett and Jose the Assistant defeat Dante Martin, Darius Martin, Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix by pinfall in an Eight Man Tag. So much happened in this match, but Darius found out. . . if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Rush gets the pinfall.

Mark Briscoe comes to the ring for a promo. It’s not about tag team action tomorrow because it’s the biggest singles match of his career. Mark says this one is hitting a little different. Mark says he’s gonna win this title for his entire family, Jay’s family, his parents, etc. Winning the TV title is his destiny. Samoa Joe interjects to say that Mark needs to worry about the reality. Joe is mad about the disrespect.

Dasha w/ Jay Lethal because he wants to talk to Mark Briscoe. Jay wants to be the first person to wish Mark luck. Jay tells Mark to bring home the championship.

Wheeler Yuta defeats Leon Ruffin by submission for the ROH Pure Championship. The judges are Dean Malenko, BJ Whitmer, and Jerry Lynn. The ROH Pure title has been redesigned, but I don’t expect Leon Ruffin will be wearing it at the end of this match. Code of honor is adhered to before the start of the match, but Wheeler does it so mockingly. Wheeler put Leon in the octopus submission, and Leon had to use a rope break to escape. Yuta didn’t relent slapping on another submission and forcing another rope break. Leon only has one left. Wheeler used a hammerlock crossface to get the submission victory.

Yuta grabs a mic after the match. Kastuyori Shibata comes out to confront Wheeler, so we see them go face to face. Wheeler says the match is really important, but before he could make his point . .. Shibata grabbed the mic and through it out of the ring.

El Hijo del Viking defeats Blake Christian by pinfall. Vikingo and Christian shook hands before the bell per ROH tradition. This match was full of fun flippy stuff that is hard to document. After both men backflipped off the top rope, Vikingo got the win with what was essentially a west coast pop hurricanrana/pinfall combo. Blake and Vikingo shake hands and hug after the match.

Dasha w/ Blake Christian. Prince Nana interrupts to tell Blake to take the night off. When Christian says he’s All Heart, Toa attacks him. I’m not sure if that is an injury angle or not.

Eddie Kingston defeats Christopher Daniels by pinfall after connecting with the spinning backlist. After the match, Eddie made sure to shake hands with CD.

Claudio came out before the show went off the air. They had to get a good face to face shot with Claudio holding up the new ROH title. Eddie squares up and asks for Paul Turner to ring the bell. Claudio started undressing, but then he left. Eddie tells the fans that if you don’t watch the show, you’re gonna feel like shit.


ROH on Honor Club PREVIEW – April. 6, 2023 – Location TBD



ROH Supercard of Honor PPV PREVIEW – Friday March 31, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA.

+ Claudio Castagnoli (c) v. Eddie Kingston for the ROH World Championship.

+ Reach for the Sky Ladder Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships: Lucha Bros v. Top Fight v. OGK v. Aussie Open v. Rush and Dralistico

+ Samoa Joe (c) v. Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Television Championship

+ Wheeler Yuta (c) v. Katsuyori Shibata – ROH Pure Title

+ Hiroshi Tanahashi v. Daniel Garcia

+ Willow Nightingale v. Yuka Sakazaki

+ El Hijo del Vikingo v. Kommander

+Brian Cage and Gates of Agony (ch) v. AR Fox, Metalik, Blake Christian – ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships

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