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ROH on Honor Club – March 16

ROH on Honor Club – March 16

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ROH on Honor Club Results

*Taped from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

It is episode 3 of the new era of Ring of Honor.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman are on commentary with Bobby Cruise doing the ring announcing.

ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli defeats Willie Mack by pinfall in a Proving Ground match. If Willie Mack defeats Claudio or lasts at least 10 minutes, he will earn an ROH World Championship Match. Willie nailed Claudio with a big running kick at the three minute mark, but Claudio answered with a lot of aggression employing more closed fists than usual. Mack hit a samoan drop followed by a standing moonsault and an overhead slam for a near fall. Willie Mack went for a frog splash, but Claudio moved and Mack rolled through. Mack walked straight into a running European style uppercut and Claudio earned the pinfall victory (07:05). Code of honor adhered to after the match.

Dante Martin w/ Darius Martin defeats Mike Bennett w/ Matt Taven and Maria Kanellis by pinfall. Action spilled outside and Dante tossed Bennett into the steps. Taven and Maria distracted Dante giving Bennett an opening to hit Dante with a piledriver on the ramp. Martin barely answered Mike Posey’s 20 count. Martin hit a number of big moves, but Bennett hit the Spicolli driver and held Martin in an arm-bar until Dante made it to the ropes. Dante hit a big slam for the pinfall (10:01). Given some of the great moves we saw in this match, the finish was kind of meh.  Taven jumped Dante after the match and Darius made the save. I presume these two teams will face off at Supercard.

Metalik and Blake Christian defeat The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari and Slim J) w/ Mark Sterling by pinfall. Ian let’s us know that Ari Daivari’s undershirts cost $300, and he rips them up (so wasteful). Code of honor adhered to prior to the match. The price of the undershirt went up to $350 when Slim J ripped his off during the match. Christian hit a Fosbury flop on Ari Daivari and Metalik nailed Slim J with an airplane spin into a version of the Michinoku Driver for the pinfall victory (08:50).

Ian Riccaboni does a voice over explaining Mark Briscoe’s history with the TV Title and The Briscoe’s history with Samoa Joe.

Mark Briscoe cuts a promo explaining his intentions for Samoa Joe, and he is also ticked off at Mark Sterling. Next week will be Mark Briscoe v. Tony Nese.

Replay of Mark Briscoe’s announcement regarding the Reach for the Sky Ladder Match.

Eddie Kingston defeats Jeeves Kay by submission. Paul Turner oversees the Code of Honor at the beginning of this match. Claudio Castagnoli is shown sitting at ringside. It didn’t take long for Eddie Kingston to see Claudio at ringside. Kingston tossed Jeeves into the barricade, which caused Claudio to spill coffee all over his white shirt. While Claudio and Eddie exchange words, Jeeves Kay briefly takes over the match. Kingston slaps on a submission move for the victory (02:35).

Lexi Nair with Mark Briscoe and the Trust Busters. Smart Mark says there were some illegal tags, so that victory doesn’t count. Ari interrupts Mark and says he wants to have a six man tag if Blake and Metalik can find a partner.

Athena defeats Hyan by submission in a Proving Ground match. Athena and Hyan adhere to the Code of Honor to start the match. Athena was super aggressive in this match including a sunset bomb to the floor at the 4 minute mark. Athena used a crossface to get the submission victory (4:44). After the match, Athena slammed Hyan’s face into the ROH World Women’s Championship belt.

Lexi Nair with Blake Christian and Metalik. Metalik is very happy and so is Blake Christian. Blake says he called AR Fox and a new Trios is born. Not the best team for promos.

Silas Young defeats Marcus Kross by pinfall. Silas hit the springboard moonsault for the pinfall victory (03:08).

Post Match Promo: Silas Young explains that when you think about Ring of Honor, you think about Silas Young. Silas says when it comes to the ROH TV Title, there isn’t a single guy in the locker room that measures up to The Last Real Man. Shane Taylor comes out to say he’s the most dominant TV Champion of all time. Shane challenges Silas to a match next week.

Lexi Nair with Athena. Athena challenges Yuka Sakazaki for an ROH Women’s World Championship match at Supercard of Honor.

The Embassy (Brian Cage, Toa, and Kaun) w/ Prince Nana defeat Dalton Castle and The Boys by pinfall in a Six Man Tag Team Championship Match. Stephon Smith requests that the participants adhere to the Code of Honor (and they do). Toa dominates the boys in the early part of the match, which doesn’t get better when Brian Cage tags. Dalton Castle gets a hot tag and suplexes Cage and Kaun all over the place. The Gates of Agony hit a few double team moves on the boys and the punishment concludes when they slam one boy on top of the other for the pinfall (10:19). The Embassy kept beating on Dalton Castle and the boys after the match, but Metalik, Fox, and Christian made the save.

Trish Adora defeats Madison Rayne by pinfall when she connects with Lariat Tubman (05:11).

Dante and Darius Martin say that this Kingdom is theirs for the taking. Darius has Matt Taven next week.

Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels defeat The Outrunners (Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd) by pinfall. Daniels and Sydal are former ROH World Tag Team Champions, but it has been over 15 years since they’ve teamed together.  Daniels hits the angels wings and Sydal follows up with his lightning spiral for the pinfall victory (2:40).

United Empire’s Aussie Open come out on the stage to say they want the ROH Championships, and there isn’t any better way to earn that title match than by beating former ROH Champions. So the challenge is set for anytime anywhere. Daniels accepts the challenge.

Wheeler Yuta defeats Clark Connors by in an ROH Pure Championship Match. The judges are Colt Cabana, BJ Whitmer, and Dean Malenko. Wheeler quickly forces Clark Connors to use his first rope break. Yuta put Connors in a Cobra Twist and Connors struggled to the ropes where he used his second rope break. Clark Connors used a closed fist to get out of a hold, which cost him his warning. Wheeler Yuta answered with a closed fist and got his warning. Connors put Yuta in an ankle lock submission and Yuta had to use one of his rope breaks. Yuta had Connors locked in a submission. As Connors went for the ropes, Yuta transitioned into a pinning combination for the win (12:26).

Post Match Promo: Wheeler Yuta issues a challenge to Katsuyori Shibata. Claudio comes to the ring clapping for Wheeler.


ROH on Honor Club PREVIEW – Mar. 23, 2023 – Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

+ Mark Briscoe v. Tony Nese

+ Silas Young v. Shane Taylor

+ AR Fox, Metalik, Blake Christian v. The Trust Busters

+ Darius Martin v. Matt Taven

+ Lady Frost v. Skye Blue


ROH Supercard of Honor PPV PREVIEW – Friday March 31, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA.

+ Reach for the Sky Ladder Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships: Lucha Bros v. ?

+ Samoa Joe (c) v. Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Television Championship

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