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NXT – Feb 28

NXT – Feb 28

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NXT Results

*LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Wes Lee opens the show in the ring, with most of the male roster brawling backstage to get to the ring & answer his open challenge…Nathan Frazer gets there first.

(1)  Wes Lee def. Nathan Frazer…retains his North American Championship…after a suicide plancha over the ringpost & to the floor to wipe out Frazer, Lee rolls him back in & delivers the Cardiac Kick for the win (13:37)…AFTER…Lee helps Frazer to his feet & they share a respectful hug.

*JD McDonagh talks about almost losing his eye after his recent injury…and how much he’ll enjoy making Ilja Dragunov suffer in their upcoming match.

*Hank Walker backstage with McKenzie…Axiom interrupts, pissed Walker cost him from getting to the ring to answer the open challenge earlier…pushing & shoving…refs have to separate them.

(2)  Indus Sher def. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…Jensen’s head is not in the match…Briggs & Jensen start squabbling on the floor…Jensen walks into a chokeslam by Sanga…Sanga whips Jensen into Veer’s Million Dollar Arm for the win (03:30)…AFTER…Jinder Mahal says they’ve beaten the Creed Brothers before, but the beating at Roadblock will be ten times worse.

*Wendy Choo has been attacked in the parking lot…no witnesses.

*Gigi Dolin to the ring…she can handle the pain & betrayal of Jacy Jayne because it reminded her of who she is…she survived an abusive mother…next week she hammers the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction.

*Duke Hudson apologizes to Thea Hail for his words last week…Schism take over the classroom monitor with a message for Thea & the rest of Chase U. to come sit in the shade of Schism’s tree.

*Dijak accepts Tony D’Angelo’s challenge for a Jailhouse Street Fight at Roadblock.

(3)  Meiko Satomura def. Zoey Stark…Zoey misses a 450 & Meiko counters with a Death Valley Driver…follows with Scorpio Rising for the win (11:27)…AFTER…Roxanne Perez leaves the commentary desk for a stand off with Meiko…they fight for that title next week.

*Tiffany Stratton interrupts McKenzie’s report on Wendy ChooKatana Chance & Kayden Carter leave the trainer’s room…Katana has words with Tiffany & is headed to secure a match to shut her up.

*Creed Brothers ask Damon Kemp to join them to face Jinder/Indus Sher…Kemp turns them down…Bron Breakker approaches & thanks the Creeds for keeping Indus Sher out of his match with Jinder Mahal…so he offers to join them in the 6-man tag next week at Roadblock.

(4)  Sol Ruca def. Elektra Lopez…when Valentina Ferroz refuses to pass Elektra the brass knux, Ruca takes advantage & hits the Sol Snatcher for the win (05:02)…AFTER…Elektra pushes Valentina around, so Valentina drops her with the brass knux.

*Gallus are drinking & playing billiards again…Coffey is working Wolfgang into a froth over Pretty Deadly’s actions from last week…it works…Wolfie stomps the shit out of an unfortunate fella who bumps him while playing at the next table over.

*Pretty Deadly backstage with McKenzie…she reads a tweet by Drew McIntyre warning PD about the receipt they have coming from his fellow Scotsmen…the tasty treats do not seem phased by the warning.

(5)  Tiffany Stratton def. Katana Chance…when Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn distract Katana, she hesitates to deliver a high cross body & gets caught by Stratton…who powers Katana to her shoulders, hits a fireman’s carry roll & springs to the buckles for a Jumping Moonsault for the win (03:36)…AFTER…Tiffany is the best, but she wants to be NXT Women’s Champion…so she wants the winner after Roxy & Meiko fight next week.

*Brooks Jensen apologizes to Josh Briggs for costing them the match…Briggs offers to talk to Kiana James for him & help get Jensen’s head back in the game.

(6)  Axiom def. Hank Walker…Axiom hits the Golden Ratio for the win (03:45).

*Shawn Michaels has agreed to show up (isn’t he always in the building as GM?) to talk to Grayson Waller next week…Waller tweets to warn Michaels to show him proper respect.

(7)  Carmelo Hayes def. Tyler Bate…Bate misses a Corkscrew Senton…Melo hits a Code Breaker & follows with the Sicilian Slice for the win (11:20).



+ Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Meiko Satomura – for the NXT Women’s Championship

+ Tony D’Angelo vs. Dijak – in a Jailhouse Street Fight

+ Grayson Waller Effect with special guest Shawn Michaels

+ Jinder Mahal & Indus Sher vs. Creed Brothers & Bron Breakker

+ Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne

+ Andre Chase vs. Joe Gacy


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