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NXT – Mar 21

NXT – Mar 21

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NXT Results

*LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Pretty Deadly to the ring…interrupted by Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams…a tag match is proposed…Trick says it’s accepted, by the team of Melo & Bron Breakker…Pretty Deadly attack…Breakker races down & clears Pretty Deadly…he offers his hand to pick Melo up & tells him he doesn’t want anything happening to him before Stand & Deliver…Melo is not thrilled by his presence.

(1)  Women’s Qualifier: Tiffany Stratton def. Indi Hartwell…Stratton hits her triple-jump Moonsault for the win (09:20).

*Gallus is at the bar again…the Creed Brothers join them…Gallus cleans up in billiards but the Creeds whoop them in darts…they decide to settle the score at Stand & Deliver…they run into Tony D’Angelo & Stacks as they’re leaving…and everyone heads back inside to talk business.

*Gigi Dolin backstage with McKenzie…Tiffany Stratton interrupts, now that she’s in the ladder match that women’s title is hers.

*Wes Lee to the ring…he grants the open challenges to give everyone a chance, like he got…& to prove to himself that he’s worthy of holding that title…Dragon Lee interrupts, he wants to be part of the Fatal 5-Way…Wes was looking forward to facing him, so he’s in…JD McDonagh interrupts, tells Lee he’s lucky JD’s got other business tonight…Ilja Dragunov follows…looks like their match is up next.

*Indi Hartwell throws a tantrum backstage over another missed opportunity.

*Fallon Henley admits to Kiana James that she broke into her office…she knows about Sebastian & she’s going to tell Brooks Jensen.

(2)  Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh…ends in a NO CONTEST…the fight spills to the floor & JD runs Dragunov into Dragon Lee, who sat near the commentary desk to watch the match…Dragon Lee is about to swing at JD, but JD sidesteps a double attack & Dragunov accidentally headbutts Dragon Lee…it’s a 3-way brawl & the bell rings to throw out the match (14:38)…AFTER…Wes Lee drops in from the sky to make it a 4-way…referees swarm to break it up.

*Carmelo Hayes approaches Bron Breakker backstage…Melo doesn’t want or need his help…Breakker explains he wants Melo at 100% & isn’t going to let anything mess up their title match.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…JD & Ilja are now  the 5-way…Axiom interrupts, he wants the last spot…Wes Lee says the only fair way to fill the last spot is a Battle Royal.

*Javier Bernal to the ring while Gargano’s music plays…says Gargano took his spot at Stand & Deliver…Johnny Gargano to the ring & immediately attacks…after making quick work of Javy, he addresses Waller…wants to raise the stakes…Johnny’s got a contract for an Unsanctioned Match if Waller has the guts…Grayson Waller is on the ‘tron…says he’ll sign next week as long as Johnny is banned from the building.

*Eddy Thorpe is coming to NXT next week & he’s bringing his Native American heritage with him…& maybe his DJ gear, too.

*Ivy Nile backstage with McKenzie…she let her guard down & got burned by Tatum Paxley…but tonight is about Lyra Valkyria & a chance to head to Stand & Deliver.

*Hank Walker vignette…he’s been an athlete all his life (NC State O-Lineman) but nothing prepared him for the WWE…Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey were watching…Dempsey says Walker still lacks the killer instinct.

(3)  Women’s Qualifier: Lyra Valkyria def. Ivy Nile…Valkyria with a Spinning Back Headkick for the win (02:55).

*Fallon Henley is attacked backstage by Isla Dawn & Alba FyreKiana James shows up to make the save and refs & agents swarm to separate the teams.

*Wes Lee is headed out…he’s passed by Jinder Mahal, Dijak, & Dabba-Kato along the way & each seems to think they’ll be winning the Battle Royal next week.

*Blake Howard moderates the Great Debate between Chase U. & the SchismDuke Hudson doesn’t seem to be thrilled with Chase U. anymore…Tyler Bate jumps in on behalf of Chase U. & kills it…Bate & Andre pose a challenge for a 4-on-4 at Stand & Deliver…Joe Gacy says they’ve already beaten Chase U in tag & singles…Duke Hudson puts the school on the line & Gacy accepts.

*Gallus, the Creeds, and Tony D. & Stacks had a hell of a time hanging out together…so why not let it continue at Stand & Deliver…we’re getting a Triple Threat Tag Title match.

(4)  Bron Breakker & Carmelo Hayes def. Pretty Deadly…Breakker spears Wilson & lets Melo finish with the Sicilian Slice for the win (12:32)…as Trick Williams was taking notes the whole time…AFTER…Melo hands Breakker the NXT title…Breakker holds it high between them as the show ends.


NXT PREVIEW – Mar. 28, 2023

+ Battle Royal for the last spot in the North American Championship Fatal 5-Way

+ Eddy Thorpe debuts


NXT STAND & DELIVER PREVIEW – Sat. Apr. 1, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA

+ Hosted by Pretty Deadly

+ Bron Breakker (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes – for the NXT Championship

+ Zoey Stark vs. Gigi Dolin vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. TBD – in a Ladder Match for the NXT Women’s Championship

+ Gallus (c) vs. Creed Brothers vs. Tony D’Angelo & Stacks – in a Triple Threat Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship

+ Fallon Henley & Kiana James (c) vs. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn – for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Wes Lee (c) vs. Dragon Lee vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh vs. TBD – in a Fatal 5-Way for the North American Championship

+ Grayson Waller vs. Johnny Gargano – in an Unsanctioned Match

+ Schism vs. Chase U. & Tyler Bate – in an 8-Person Mixed Tag Match for Control of Andre Chase University


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