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Raw – Mar 6

Raw – Mar 6

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Raw Results

*Live from Boston, MA.

*Paul Heyman, Jimmy Uso, & Solo Sikoa arrive at the building…the Wise Man reminds Solo his marching orders are to take out Kevin Owens…& Jimmy has one more opportunity to end the “Sami Zayn Problem” tonight at the behest of their Tribal Chief.

(1)  Kevin Owens def. Solo Sikoa by DISQUALIFICATION…around the 5 minute mark Jimmy Uso races down to ringside to distract KO & help Solo regain the upper hand as we go to break…after the break KO hits a Swan-ton Bomb, but Jimmy breaks up the ensuing cover, causing the DQ (11:23)…AFTER…Solo & Jimmy put the boots to KO…Sami Zayn races down & runs the Bloodline off by swinging a steel chair…Sami offers a hand to KO, but KO rolls out without a thank you.

*Bobby Lashley backstage promo…asks Bray Wyatt what it’s going to take to get him to face Lashley like a man.

*Carmella backstage with Byron Saxton…she plans to embarrass Bianca Belair tonight…Chelsea Green approaches to agree with Carmella & run Byron off.

(2)  Bianca Belair def. Carmella…around the 7 minute mark Bianca hits a handspring Moonsault & this match could have been mercifully over but Chelsea Green distracts the ref from the count…after a 2nd distraction from Chelsea, Bianca tosses Chelsea into the timekeeper’s area…back in, Bianca with the KOD for the win (09:07)…AFTER…Chelsea & Carmella attack Bianca…Asuka to the ring, blinds Chelsea with blue mist & Carmella takes off running…Asuka & Bianca share a glance at the Mania sign.

*Sami Zayn approaches Kevin Owens backstage…Sami reiterates that the Bloodline is too strong for one man to fight alone…so they don’t have to be friends again, but they should join forces to destroy the Bloodline…KO doesn’t care what Sami does, says to just leave him out of it.

*Miz welcomes Logan Paul back…Seth Rollins isn’t far behind…Rollins is sick of talking & wants to fight…but Logan doesn’t fight for free…Miz says he can get Logan/Rollins booked for Mania…fists start flying…Miz distracts Rollins & Logan lands that one lucky punch to starch Rollins.

(3)  Omos def. Dolph Ziggler…Omos with a Chokebomb for the win (00:50)…AFTER…MVP tells Brock Lesnar that he should have never laid hands on him…and promises his Giant will tame the beast at Mania. 

*Maximum Male Models are admiring Otis backstage…Baron Corbin doesn’t get it…Maxxine Dupri asks Corbin to take out Chad Gable & she’ll consider representing Corbin.

*Paul Heyman pumping up Jimmy Uso to go take out Sami Zayn & reminds him he needs to get his brother Jey Uso back in line by SmackDown this week or face the wrath of Roman Reigns…so, you know…no pressure.

(4)  Johnny Gargano def. Finn Balor…at the 9 minute mark Edge’s music plays so Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest head up the aisle to cut him off…Edge comes through the crowd to shove Balor off the top buckle…Gargano follows with One Final Beat for the win (09:33).

*Edge backstage with Byron Saxton…says Finn Balor should meet him in the middle of the ring next week to settle their beef once & for all.

(5)  Piper Niven def. Nikki Cross…Niven hits the Loch Ness Slam for the win (00:56). 

*Elias tries to give Rick Boogs some advice…miscommunication leads to Elias facing Bronson Reed next week.

*John Cena to the ring…before he can say a word, Austin Theory interrupts…says he respects & was inspired to become a WWE Superstar by Cena…Theory challenges Cena to face him at Mania for the US title…Cena says, “No” because no one cares about Theory…he says Theory has no heart, no soul, no belief in himself…and everyone knows it, so they don’t care…Theory tries to guilt Cena into accepting because the people want to see him at Mania…Cena gets pissed & asks the crowd…so I guess we’ll see you at Mania…Cena introduces Cody Rhodes as he heads up the aisle for no discernable reason…and we go to break.

*Sami Zayn backstage with Cathy Kelley…says tonight will not be Jimmy Uso’s night.

(6)  Chad Gable def. Baron Corbin…Gable grabs the Ankle Lock…when he drops for the grapevine Corbin taps to give Gable the submission win (02:11).

*Becky Lynch & Lita to the ring…they need to thank they’re “equalizer” who helped them win the tag titles…Trish Stratus to the ring…Damage CTRL interrupts…Bayley calls them selfish…Trish challenges them to a 3-on-3 at Mania…Bayley accepts…the brawl is on…the good gals hold the ring.

(7)  Sami Zayn def. Jimmy Uso…around the 5 minute mark Solo Sikoa gets too close to the action & gets bounced from ringside…at the 10 minute mark Jey Uso appears in the crowd & works his way to ringside…Jimmy avoids the Helluva Kick & whips Sami to the ropes for a Samoan Drop…but Sami escapes down Jimmy’s back & into a Sunset Roll Up for the win (10:35)…AFTER…

*Sami Zayn rolls out…Jey Uso slides in…Jey & Jimmy Uso stare at each other for a while before Jey walks away & joins Sami in the aisle…Sami & Jey hug & raise the “1s” together…the crowd goes crazy & Sami beckons to Jimmy, “It’s not too late”…but then Jey superkicks Sami & rolls him into the ring for a 2-on-1 beatdown…Cody Rhodes races down to the ring as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Mar. 13, 2023 – Providence, R.I.

+ Edge & Finn Balor face-to-face

+ Elias vs. Bronson Reed

+ Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green

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