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No Surrender – Feb 24

No Surrender – Feb 24

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iMPACT!+ No Surrender Results

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(Countdown – 1)  Gisele Shaw def. Deonna Purrazzo…while Jai Vidal takes the ref’s attention, Savannah Evans slides in & delivers a Full Nelson Slam on Deonna…allowing Shaw to connect with the Denouement knee strike for the win (09:07).

(Countdown – 2)  Jonathan Gresham def. Mike Bailey…Bailey misses with Ultima Weapon…Gresham jumps to Bailey’s shoulders & hits a Victory Roll for the Roll Up win (11:03).

(3)  Frankie Kazarian def. Kon…Kon with an Irish Whip, reversed by Kazarian, and Callihan (accidentally?) hits Kon with a chair…Kazarian brings Kon back in with a slingshot & hits a Cutter for the win (09:42).

*Brian Myers backstage with Gia…with Matt Cardona missing in action since losing to Joe Hendry, Myers has shifted his concentration to becoming World Champion…but he also hopes that Moose makes a fool out of Hendry tonight.

(4)  Death Dollz def. The Hex…retain their Knockouts Tag Team Championship…Jessicka gets Belle up on her shoulder, Taya with a head kick, Jessicka follows with the SICK Driver for the win (09:19).

(5)  Joe Hendry def. Moose…in a DOT COMBAT MATCH to retain his Digital Media Championship…keyboards, tables, steel folding chairs, a rolling gaming chair, a Sega Dreamcast, an RC car to Moose’s nuts, & a velvet bag full of keyboard caps all come into play…Moose takes a Superplex into the keycaps…Moose takes a Pop-Up Powerbomb into the keycaps…Hendry straps a VR headset on Moose & Moose starts dancing until the club scene turns into “Dancing Moose”…Moose with a low blow kick…Moose avoids the Standing Ovation & drops for a roll up with a handful of tights…Hendry reverses & grabs the tights for a Roll Up of his own for the win (12:18).

*Mickie James backstage with Gia…the Last Rodeo may be over but the Era of Mickie James as Knockouts World Champion has just begun.

*Dave LaGreca to the ring for the Live Busted Open Podcast…Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray join him in the ring…Bully pauses for quite a while before saying, “I’m sorry”…Tommy isn’t very accepting…Bully references Kevin Nash breaking down talking about Scott Hall…he wants to “work it out” between himself & Dreamer because regret is the worst thing in the world…he’s done being at war…Dreamer says things have gone too far for hugs or handshakes, but thank you…Bully throws hot coffee in Dreamer’s face…pushes LaGreca out of the ring…hits Dreamer with a metal coffee pitcher…soo…nothing much got solved there.

*Multiverse United: Only the Strong Survive is announced as a joint venture between Impact Wrestling & NJPW…available via PPV on Thursday March 30th from Los Angeles, CA.

*Rich Swann backstage with Gia…Steve Maclin wishes Swann luck…because he he’s already beaten him, so he would rather face him again at Rebellion once he wins the #1 contender match.

(6)  Steve Maclin def. Brian Myers, PCO, Heath…in a 4-WAY #1 CONTENDER MATCH…PCO-sault on Myers at the 8 minute mark but Eddie Edwards slides in & breaks up the cover by blasting PCO with a shovel…Heath with the Wake Up Call on Myers…Maclin with the K.I.A. on Heath for the win (09:25).

*Trey Miguel out in front of the ‘tron…he’s pissed that he’s not on this card…feels disrespected…he won the 1st ever X-Division Monsters Ball & says he could beat a  monster like PCO if it didn’t look like someone already did (as he slow-walks to the ring)…PCO is just making it to his feet after the attack by Eddie…PCO grabs Trey by the throat & chokeslams him on the apron’s edge.

(7)  Bullet Club (Austin/Bey/Kenta) def. Time Machine (Sabin/Shelley/Kushida)…Sabin & Kushida with a Neckbreaker/Moonsault combo on Austin…Sabin pulls Austin to his feet as Shelley climbs for the Skull & Bones…Bey grabs Shelley’s ankle, Kenta pulls Kushida to the floor, & Austin reverses Sabin into a Backslide for the Roll Up win (19:33).

(8)  Micki James def. Masha Slamovich…retains her Knockouts Championship…Masha is in control & licks the face of Mickie…as she goes for a 2nd swipe, Mickie bites Masha’s tongue & doesn’t let go until she’s regained the upper hand…Mickie hits the top buckle Seated Senton for 2…Masha hits Strong-Zero for 2…Masha hits 2 consecutive Helluva Kicks but misses a 3rd & her momentum takes her to a seat on the top buckle…Masha attempts a Code Breaker but Mickie flips into a jackknife cover for the Roll Up win (12:27).

(9)  Josh Alexander def. Rich Swann…retains his Impact World Championship…after a series of reversals, Josh hits the C-4 Spike but can’t get to the cover immediately & Swann rolls out…Josh with a World’s Strongest Slam on the apron’s edge as he drops himself to the floor to add to the impact on Swann…Josh goes for the C-4 again but Swann escapes & hits a series of spinning kicks, follows with the Phoenix Splash for 2…Swann misses a 2nd Phoenix Splash & Josh goes directly to the Ankle Lock…Swann escapes & hits the Handspring Cutter for 2…Swann goes for another Cutter but Josh catches him & spins into That’s Incredible (tombstone)…Josh pulls Swann to his feet & follows with another C-4 Spike for the win (25:28).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Mar. 2, 2023

+ no matches announced


iMPACT!+ SACRIFICE – PREVIEW – Fri. Mar. 24, 2023 – Windsor, ONT.

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iMPACT! & New Japan Pro Wrestling – Multiverse United: Only the Strong Survive – Thu. Mar. 30, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA.

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. Kushida – for the Impact World Championship

+ Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay

+ Moose vs. Jeff Cobb


iMPACT! REBELLION *PPV* PREVIEW – Sun. Apr. 16, 2023 – Toronto, ONT.

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. Steve Maclin – for the Impact World Championship


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