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Adam Rebooks Every The Fiend

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Adam Rebooks Every The Fiend

“Adam Rebooks Every The Fiend” comes from Contributor “Alcoholic” Adam Pokrajac. Pokrajac routinely provides the cold hard truth on Australian Wrestling with a heavy focus on New South Wales. He believes this is the most under appreciated wrestling scene in the world today and he reviews it with a beer in his hand.

With the release of Bray Wyatt, Alcoholic Adam has decided how he would rebook The Fiend and try to correct the many imperfections of WWE’s booking.

So, grab a cold one and enjoy the rebooking.

Summerslam:” Demon” Finn Balor v The Fiend

  • If Finn is going to NXT anyway, you might as well make it the final appearance of the demon with the Demon squashed in the process. This makes The Fiend even more unbeatable.
  • Bray wants to save the people who he feels need saving. He creates a faction starting with the surprise return of Bo Dallas.
  • This perfectly fits with the hurt and heal saving some wrestlers from obscurity.
  • Bo has a match on Raw against his former tag team partner Curtis Axel where Bo wins defeating Axel in Minutes.
  • Next on the Fiend list for people to heal is Harper & Roman who Bray feels need to come home and need saving.

Hell In a Cell Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel v Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

  • Bo & Axel win from there Harper & Roman also join this unholy faction.
  • Between now & then, The Fiend does not win the Universal title as it will only muddy up Fiend Character who has a clear direction now.
  • The Smackdown GM believes Bray is out of control. He is told to stay completely away. 

Survivor Series:  5v5v5

  • The screams occur with the lights flickering and Braun tags himself out and just disappears.
  • People question Braun but have no memory of it.

Royal Rumble: Braun Strowman v The Fiend No Holds Barred

  • This match is very similar to what they had at Summerslam. They destroy the arena, but for the finish Harper & Rowan come out with their sheep masks distracting Braun enough for the Fiend to capitalize and win the match.
  • Braungoes back to the destructive monster gimmick instead of the goofy monster.

WM 36: The Fiend v John Cena Firefly Fun House

  • Arguably the best cinematic match ever. No need to change a thing. 

Backlash: Bray Wyatt v Jeff Hardy

  • This is reflective of Bray Wyatt’s time teaming with Matt Hardy saying “your brother saved me now his turn to save you.”
  • Jeff Hardy wins

Extreme Rules: The Fiend v Jeff Hardy

  • The Fiend has now taken control, and is too much for Jeff to overcome and he will start using Willow gimmick. 

Summerslam: Fiend v Killian Dain

  • The Fiend wants to heal Nikki Cross.
  • So, for the next few weeks, Bray Wyatt and Big Killian Dain float between NXT and the main roster.
  • Fiend wins after Nikki costs Dain the match where Nikki returns to her crazy Gimmick.

Clash of Champions: Drew McIntyre v Randy Orton

  • Fiend costs Randy the match when he throws him off Ambulance.

Hell in A Cell: The Fiend v Randy Orton

  • The Fiend doesn’t forget how much of a setback Bray felt when he lost the belt to Orton. The Fiend will dictate when Orton will get the belt again.
  • Fiend wins.

Raw Fiend v Randy Orton Inferno Match

  • Where Fiend wins again writing off Orton for a while.

WM36: Triple H V The Fiend Firefly Fun House

  • Triple H is sick of Fiend injury and destroying WWE, so he seeks out the Fiend, but Bray comes back with ” where were you to protect us referring to all the NXT failed call ups.”
  • Some cool segments that could work are Bray going to the PC slapping around some trainees.
  • He could apply the mandible claw on HBK or William Regal.
  • Very much like the first Firefly fun they pull back the curtain and destroy Triple H mentally where Fiend wins.

And there you have it let us know what you liked and didn’t like and what you do differently.

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