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Becky is Back – Now What?

Becky is Back – Now What?

I’m a big fan of Becky Lynch. Even before she became “The Man.”

I loved the whole steampunk vibe Lynch had prior to the rise of The Man in 2018.

After a long absence leading up to and following the birth of her first child, Becky Lynch made a surprise return at SummerSlam taking the place of Sasha Banks in the Smackdown Championship match.

She won . . . in 25 seconds . . . with the Manhandle Slam.

Becky Lynch was the first Smackdown Women’s Champion, and now she holds that distinction once again!

Now What?

Becky left in 2020, and a lot has changed and a lot remains the same. Here’s some options for what Becky should do next.

Establish Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is well loved by a lot of people, but she has a fair number of detractors (I’m not one of them) that don’t yet believe in her as a legitimate babyface and they consider Belair’s rise to have come too quick.

To those detractors, I say “She goes here now” so you’ll have to get on board or suffer.

If Becky Lynch really is planning to become WWE’s top female heel, then perhaps she can help establish Bianca Belair as a top babyface.

The only problem here is that fans won’t initially want to boo Becky Lynch. The fans may reject the heel turn altogether and just do what they want (cheer Becky Lynch).

If that happens, it’s a very bad spot for Bianca Belair as she’ll be a babyface that the fans aren’t behind.

It’s Becky’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Connect with Asuka

When Becky left WWE on maternity leave, she gifted the Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka following Asuka’s Money in the Bank win.

The friendly rivalry between Becky and Asuka had seemingly reached a happy conclusion in that moment, but the pairing of “Man” and “Empress” has a “fight forever” feel to it.

The story is as simple as, “I gave you the championship, and you . . .”

  • never called me
  • never thanked me
  • never checked on me
  • lost the title
  • slipped down the rankings

You can fill in the blank, but there are a thousand reasons why Becky could take issue with Asuka.

Fight Bayley at WrestleMania

A WrestleMania match between Bayley and Becky may not happen this year because Bayley is on the shelf for the foreseeable future.

When both are healthy though, this is a super match.

It’s not to say that they haven’t met before, but Becky has never met this version of Bayley who did her best work during the heart of the pandemic.

When Bayley makes her return, she’ll be white hot.

A Royal Rumble win is all we need to set the collision course.

Just Don’t Keep Becky a Heel for Too Long

I know Becky wants to return as a heel, but I fully expect wrestling fans to reject that notion.

When they do, I hope Becky and WWE change course.

Whatever happens though, I’m glad to have Becky back. It’s a serious shot in the arm for WWE.

Now let’s see what happens first.

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