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CCW Makes Waves Crowning Ocean as New Champion

CCW Makes Waves Crowning Ocean as New Champion

Alex Ocean unexpectedly won the CCW Heavyweight championship from reigning champion El Jefe Santos at last night’s Breakout show in Pompano Beach, FL.

As the referee’s hand struck the mat and Santos rolled to the outside, the new champion Ocean sat in the ring . . . his ring now. A bombshell and historic conclusion to a match that didn’t even headline the show.

With masks covering much of the audience’s mouths, you could still read shock and awe in the eyes of those in attendance. As the moment began to sink in for those watching inside the CCW Arena, surprise could also be seen on Alex Ocean’s face while a defeated Santos struggled with the trauma of loss right in front of me.

As the Referee calls for the bell, the look of shock could be seen all over the faces of both Ocean and the Referee.

While a title can change hands on any given night, nobody really expected Ocean to win. Adding to the shock is the fact that CCW had already advertised Santos to defend his championship in a triple threat match at tonight’s Port St. Lucie Unleashed show. That match, now a four way contest with the addition of Ocean, features former champion El Jefe Santos, Agony, and Cha Cha Charlie as challengers. Additional title defenses had been discussed as far out as May 15th when Bram (known in NWA as Thomas Latimer) challenges for the CCW Championship at Luchamania 2 in Nashville.

Now. . . some 17 hours removed from Ocean’s win and just a few hours before his first defense, the table has been set for an interesting month. We’re left with many questions and options:

  • What’s next for Santos if he fails to recapture his championship tonight?
  • Should Ocean succeed at Unleashed, his no disqualification match with Will Austin at Bash at Brew 4 becomes a title match. Already a hot crowd, the Hialeah audience must be salivating at the opportunity to see the continuation of this rivalry. Ocean and Austin left the crowd rabid and disappointed when they wrestled to a double count out at Bash at the Brew 2. Could the rematch have even higher stakes with the CCW Heavyweight Championship sitting front and center?
  • What about Thomas Latimer . . . will he face Ocean, Santos, Cha Cha Charlie, Agony, or Will Austin? Who knows?

El Jefe Santos experiences the trauma that comes with losing a championship.

The End Larry Lane’s Career

In the main event of the evening, Cha Cha Charlie defeated Larry Lane to end Lane’s long career as a professional wrestler.

Before it was over though, Lane walked the top rope and delivered an incredible final performance. Walking the ropes conjures images of The Undertaker, who retired this time last year and who wrestled Lane years ago on WWF television.

In the closing moments of the match, Cha Cha Charlie climbed the ropes to a chorus of unfamiliar boos and delivered his trademark Mangu Splash. It would have been a fine ending to the match and Lane’s career, but Larry . . . the proud owner of a 5-0 streak in retirement matches refused to give in. He kicked out. HE KICKED OUT!  . . .  But the damage was done. Larry could not come back.

Cha Cha would climb the ropes a second time, Charlie looked down at Larry and said “I’m Sorry.” Yes, it brought me and everyone watching straight back to WrestleMania 24 when Shawn Michaels said “I’m sorry” before hitting the Sweet Chin Music and ending the career of Ric Flair.

A few short moments later, Cha Cha hit the Mangu splash again (wearing his hat this time) and pinned Larry Lane in the center of the ring. The career of Larry Lane was now over.

Moments before the final pinfall of Larry Lane’s career.

Larry gave an emotional speech to close out the show. He said, “I love this business” as he thanked the fans and his wife sitting in the front row. As they did throughout the entirety of the match, the crowd clapped, cheered and otherwise celebrated the career of Larry Lane. Even his final opponent, Cha Cha Charlie, hugged Larry Lane before walking to the back.

Cha Cha Charlie and Larry Lane following the Retirement Match

CCW Cruiserweight Championship Retained

Chris Farrow, who I interviewed earlier in the day (video below), retained his CCW Cruiserweight Championship over challenger Stefan Rivers in the very first defense of that title’s history. Farrow’s victory has to be somewhat bittersweet as he suffered a hopefully minor ankle injury the previous day during a training session. Injury or no injury, Chris Farrow lives the mantra of “I am a Warrior” and proved himself to be one at CCW Breakout!

An Overall Historic Evening in Pompano Beach

As I left the CCW arena and headed back up I-95 to the treasure coast, I stopped to consider the historical aspects of the show.

  • Breakout on April 23rd was the first in a series of events that CCW will run under that brand.
  • The CCW Cruiserweight Championship was defended for the first time.
  • We saw the crowning of Alex Ocean as champion and the final match of Larry Lane’s career.

And . . . . I conclude this article by mentioning for the first time that King Mo (an internationally known star in MMA and wrestling) sat front row, among us fans, until he got in the ring to confront his upcoming opponent Heddi Karaoui. The locker room emptied to pull the two men apart. A significant moment anywhere in the world, but somehow doesn’t get top billing given the historic nature of CCW Breakout!

I guess we’re just left with one question . . . . what’s happening at Breakout next month?

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