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CM Punk to AEW: Who Does He Wrestle?

CM Punk to AEW: Who Does He Wrestle?

It’s a near certainty that CM Punk will appear at AEW’s 8/20 Rampage show. While AEW has not advertised or announced Punk’s signing with the company, their language when announcing the United Center for 8/20 was highly suggestive of an appearance by Punk.

Let’s assume that happens and cover down on some important opponents for CM Punk.

The Straight Edge Society

Nobody could have ever predicted that CM Punk, Serena Deeb, and Luke Gallows would ever work in the same company again. We don’t need to see the Straight Edge Society form again in AEW, but a few awkward moments where they run into each other would be fun. At some point in Punk’s run at AEW, it would be great to see Punk and Gallows revisit their time together. If Punk eventually goes after Omega, Punk’s history with Gallows could play into the build.

Darby Allin

“Ill be in Chicago. You know I’ve been around a lot of men in this world that have laid claim to how they’re greatest. There’s only one place to really prove that. Right here in AEW. Even if you think you’re the best in the world.” – Darby Allin

Darby Allin already called CM Punk out, so Darby should obviously be Punk’s first stop. Unless Punk’s first stop is actually . . .


Maybe Darby set the table not for himself, but for Sting. No matter how much Punk has trained to get back in the ring, he’s still been away for over 7 years. All Out is a huge PPV event for All Elite Wrestling, so maybe they brand Punk as a legend and produce a cinematic legend v. legend match against Sting. This would allow AEW to see what Punk can do in a more controlled environment. On the other hand . . . Punk needs to be in front of a crowd as much as possible. Maybe we save the big Sting v. Punk feud for some time down the road.

Colt Cabana

The saga of Colt Cabana and CM Punk goes back to 1999 when they were training through Ring of Honor where they became Tag Team Champions as the Second City Saints to wrestling each other in that same promotion. Strictly speaking, Punk and Cabana couldn’t keep their fighting in the ring as Cabana sued Punk in 2018 over the legal fees associated with a 2015 defamation lawsuit where WWE doctor Christopher Amann sued Punk and Cabana.

All that being said, there’s a lot of “real life” energy that would go into a feud between CM Punk and Colt Cabana. It’s often those stories that stir up the most interest.

I also think Punk would be entertaining poking fun at the Dark Order.

Kenny Omega

It really isn’t a matter of “if” CM Punk will face Kenny Omega. It’s a matter of when. Some fans are calling for Punk to get an immediate title shot. While that works for WWE (see John Cena and Goldberg SummerSlam matches), booking of that nature goes against the AEW values. AEW uses rankings, eliminators, and battle royals to determine title matches. If I had to make a guess about Punk first AEW title shot, it would be a future PPV back in Chicago.

All that said though . . . Punk v. Omega has to be coming even if it isn’t fro the AEW World Championship.


There are about 100 other opponents for CM Punk in AEW, but these are the ones that I’m thinking about. Let me know who you’re most excited to see Punk face by commenting with your thoughts on this Facebook Post.


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