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Impact – Dec 1

Impact – Dec 1

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Louisville, KY

*Bully Ray to the ring…why is everyone mad at him?…he did exactly what he said he was going to do…Josh is a great champion, but Bully is one of the smartest men in the industry…Josh is clearly not that smart, otherwise he never would have allowed his wife to be in the same building as Bully Ray…Rich Swann down, attacks Bully…ref down…they start the Goddamn match in the commercial break…

(1)  Rich Swann def. Bully Ray by DISQUALIFICATION…when Bully Ray gets caught using the chains he wears to the ring (>05:45)…AFTER…

*Bully Ray works Rich Swann over with a chair…Bully finds a zip tie & traps Swann’s wrist to the rope as he stands on the floor…Tommy Dreamer down to save Swann…Dreamer & Bully start pushing & shoving…a furious Scott D’Amore down & Dreamer has to hold Scott back because he’s ready to get physical with Bully…Scott calls Bully a piece of shit…Bully agrees…but Scott’s the guy who hired him.

*Trey Miguel promo…people are not happy with him & he doesn’t care…he was obsessed with the X-Division title so he did what he needed to do to get it back…he spraypaints the title with his TM symbol.

(2)  Moose def. Bhupinder Gujjar…Gujjar misses the Gargoyle Spear…Moose misses a running Spear…Moose connects with his 2nd Spear for the win (09:15)…AFTER…

*Moose says he told us all what Bully Ray was going to do, but no one listened to him…now he never wants to hear Bully’s name again…for some reason this brings out Joe Hendry, who says he thinks Moose was crying out for help…things get physical…Hendry avoids a Spear & leads Moose into a Gargoyle Spear from Bhupinder Gujjar.

(3)  Frankie Kazarian def. Steve Maclin by DISQUALIFICATION…the fight goes to the floor & Maclin gets caught using a steel chair on Kaz (07:47)…AFTER…Maclin continues to attack Kaz with the chair in the ring & drops him with the K.I.A. onto the chair.

*Tasha Steelz still can’t believe she lost at Overdrive…she blames Savannah Evans…tells Evans to face Taya next week…sure, that made sense.

*Eddie Edwards backstage with Gia…Eddie doesn’t want to talk about the past (especially not PCO)…he’s focused on the future…he bumps into Delirious as he leaves…they just stare at each other…Eddie walks off.

*Heath & Rhino are approached by the Motor City Machine Guns about a tag title shot…Heath is going to Scott to get it booked for next week…Rhino is very excited over it, but in a very violent way.

(4)  Mickie James def. Deonna Purrazzo…MICKIE’S LAST RODEO…Mickie escapes the Queen’s Gambit…Deonna locks on Venus de Milo but Mickie gets a rope break…Deonna with an O’Connor Roll & a handful of tights but Mickie manages to roll it over & grabs some tights, too, for the Roll Up win (25:09)…AFTER…

*Jordynne Grace to the ring…Grace says Mickie wanted to work her way to a title shot & she believes she has…Jordynne thinks it’s time…a 1st time ever match up…Title vs. Career at Hard to Kill.

*Eric Young & Deaner are back where it all began, in the Alcatraz-like setting…Deaner is willing to do anything to eliminate the sickness…EY says the sickness is in the room with them right now…they begin to fight to grab a shiv & beat the hell out of each other…EY tells Deaner to do what must be done…kill the sickness…Deaner gets the weapon & appears to stab Young as the show ends.


*IPWF* on Impact!+ PREVIEW – Fri. Dec. 2, 2022 – Winston-Salem, NC

+ Throwback Throwdown III


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Dec. 8, 2022

+ Heath & Rhino (c) vs. the Motor City Machine Guns – for the iMPACT! Tag Team Championship

+ Savannah Evans vs. Taya Valkyrie

+ Josh Alexander will be in the Impact Zone


iMPACT! HARD TO KILL *PPV* PREVIEW – Friday Jan. 13, 2022 – Atlanta, GA

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. Bully Ray – for the iMPACT! World Championship

+ Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Mickie James – Knockouts Championship vs. Mickie’s Career


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