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Impact – Dec 8

Impact – Dec 8

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Louisville, KY

*Deaner promo…the movement that was Violent By Design is now “The Design”…and Sami Callihan seems to be the first person in their crosshairs.

(1)  Heath & Rhino vs. Motor City Machine Guns…for the Impact Tag Team Championship…ends in NO CONTEST…when the Major Players attack Heath & Sabin, forcing the ref to call for the bell (09:11).

*Josh Alexander & Scott D’Amore are chatting backstage about how Josh plans to handle the Bully Ray situation…Scott doesn’t agree with Josh’s plan (which we never actually hear) but respects him enough to get out of his way…Josh leaves & Johnny Swinger approaches Scott looking for the title shot he feels he deserves…Scott tells Swinger to win 50 matches & he’s got his shot…get ready for some loooong-term storytelling!

*Jordynne Grace & Mickie James backstage photo shoot…they’re talking to each other the whole time…Mickie says not to go easy on her…Jordynne says she never would…she respects Mickie enough to retire her.

(2)  Savannah Evans def. Taya Valkyrie…Taya misses a wild swing…Savannah hooks her arm, spins her around, & delivers a Full-Nelson Slam for the win (12:41).

*Ace Austin & Chris Bey video package…they’re 6-2 in Super Jr Tag League competition so far.

*Moose is being pulled off Bhupinder Gujjar by security in a backstage stairwell…Moose tells a bloody Gujjar to deliver his message to Joe Hendry.

*Delirious promo…he’s been on a journey but he’s here now & asks Impact to give him Eddie Edwards to settle some old beef.

(3)  Kon def. Sami Calihan…while Sami is on the floor Deaner & Alan Angels get too close & Sami backs them off with a steel chair…Angels grabs the chair & the referee’s attention…Sami climbs the buckles but Deaner slows him up just long enough to allow Kon to pull him off, into a fireman’s carry & hit the Death Valley Driver for the win (05:45).

*Trey Miguel backstage with Gia…after beating Jason Hotch on BTI & “tagging” him with the same neon paint he defaced the X-Division title with, Gia asks if that’s disrespectful…Trey grabs the can of paint & Gia makes a quick exit as Crazzy Steve enters…tells Trey he considers himself an artist, too…only he tags with blood.

*Josh Alexander is headed to the ring…Tommy Dreamer tries to speak to him, but Josh says “not now”…after the commercial, Josh gets to the ring & issues an open challenge for the World Championship…he wants Bully to be the one to answer…Bully Ray responds via the ‘tron…he teases Josh with pictures from Overdrive, then says he’ll see him at Hard to Kill…Mike Bailey then answers the open challenge.

(4)  Josh Alexander def. Mike Bailey…retains his Impact World Championship…Josh drops Bailey with the Powerbomb Back-Breaker onto the knee & attempts the C-4 Spike but can’t complete it because he’s still feeling the arm injury from Overdrive…Bailey is nursing a left knee injury as well…LATER…Bailey finally hits Ultima Weapon but Josh kicks out at 2…as we approach the 60 minute time limit…Bailey pulls Josh off the top buckle with a Hurricanrana & follows with another Ultima Weapon but Josh gets a foot on the rope to break the count…Josh escapes the Flamingo Driver & hits the Styles Clash…Josh pulls Bailey off the bottom rope & into a piledriver…then Josh hits 2 consecutive C-4 Spikes for the win (59:24)…as the show ends!

*Eddie Edwards vs. Delirious (the “scheduled” main event for the evening) was rescheduled for next week due to the length of the “impromptu” title match.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Dec. 15, 2022

+ Eddie Edwards vs. Delirious


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