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Impact – Feb 16

Impact – Feb 16

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Las Vegas, NV. 

*Jerry Jarrett RIP message opens the show, acknowledging him as a co-founder of TNA/Impact Wrestling.

(1)  Kushida def. Chris Bey…Kushida targets the left arm early on…later he grabs a hammerlock & uses it to set up a Roll Up for the win (11:44).

*Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray sit down with Santino…Dreamer says he doesn’t want to come to  blows…Bully agrees, but says Dreamer should leave Impact…Dreamer has no intention of doing so…Santino Marella suggests a live edition of “Busted Open” at No Surrender…with a Beat the Clock Challenge next week to determine who speaks first.

(2)  No Surrender Qualifier: Steve Maclin def. Rhino…Rhino misses a GORE & Maclin counters with a Spear of his own for 2…Rhino powers out of the set up for the K.I.A. but Maclin follows with (Heath’s) Wake Up Call for the win (11:58)…AFTER…Maclin gives a crowd an, “Oh Baby!” as he continues to tease Heath.

 *Masha Slamovich sits down with Gia…Masha says (in Russian) that she attacked Mickie James because she doesn’t think Mickie is taking her as a serious threat…she wants Mickie to have a front row seat to see what she does to Alisha tonight.

*Zicky Dice kicks off Johnny Swinger’s “Road to 50 Wins” & a title shot with the man that he promised last week that Swinger couldn’t possibly lose to: Barry Horowitz.

(3)  Barry Horowitz def. Johnny Swinger…after a Swinger eye-poke behind the ref’s back, the (KISS) Demon comes out in front of the ‘tron & the distraction allows Horowitz to catch Swinger in an Abdominal Stretch…when Swinger refuses to give up, Horowitz uses the stretch to drop into a modified Crucifix Roll Up for the win (02:08).

*Moose backstage with Gia…Moose says Joe Hendry humiliated Matt Cardona & Brian Myers last week, but Moose doesn’t get humiliated…he gets even.

*Moose smashes the window of a car in the parking lot that he thinks belongs to Joe Hendry…it actually is Santino Marella’s car…Santino says he needs Hendry to teach Moose a lesson…it will be a Dot-Combat Match at No Surrender for the Digital Media Championship.

(4)  No Surrender Qualifier: Heath def. Eddie Edwards…with Eddie distracted by (indoor) thunder & lightning, Heath hits the Wake Up Call for the win (07:33)…AFTER…PCO attacks…he drops Eddie with an inverted DDT but Eddie rolls out before PCO can get to the top buckle for the PCO-sault.

*Deaner tells Callihan that they will team up to answer Frankie Kazarian & Yuya Uemora’s challenge next week…it will be step 5 of the 7 Deadly Steps.

*Father James Mitchell says that The Hex are punishment for Rosemary & the next Knockouts Tag Team  Champions…which we’ll see at No Surrender.

*Mickie James joins the commentary table for the upcoming match.

(5)  Masha Slamovich def. Alisha Edwards…Masha hits the Snowplow for the win (01:36)…AFTER…Masha attacks Alisha again, jumps to a rear naked choke…Mickie James leaves commentary to make the save, but quickly finds herself in the RNC…Masha will not release until multiple refs flood the ring to pull her off Mickie.

*Crazzy Steve promo…he challenges Trey Miguel to face in a Monster’s Ball Match.

*Santino Marella makes the match between Mike Bailey & Jonathen Gresham official for No Surrender…Dirty Dango interjects that they’ll be teaming up next week to face the Motor City Machine Guns…Santino is annoyed, but he likes the idea & books that match, too…Barry Horowitz approaches Santino…he wants the same deal as Swinger (50 wins & a world title shot)…Santino books him to face Rhino next week…Horowitz decides to “go out on top” instead.

(6)  Rich Swann def. Kenny King…Swann counters the Royal Flush into a small package for the Roll Up win (17:31)…AFTER…King is pissed & attacks Swann again…King goes under the ring for a steel chair…Josh Alexander races down to rip the chair from King’s hands…Swann attempts to Superkick King, but he ducks & Swann lands on Josh as the show ends.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Feb. 23, 2023

+ Trey Miguel (c) vs. Crazzy Steve – in a Monster’s Ball Match for the X-Division Championship

+ Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray – Beat the Clock Challenge…Winner speaks first on “Busted Open” Live at No Surrender

+ Frankie Kazarian & Yuya Uemora vs. Callihan & Deaner

+ Jonathan Gresham & Mike Bailey vs. Motor City Machine Guns

+ Allysin Kay vs. Taya Valkyrie


iMPACT!+ NO SURRENDER PREVIEW – Fri. Feb. 24, 2023 – Las Vegas, NV

(1) Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann – for the Impact World Championship

(2) Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich – for the Knockout Championship

(3) Joe Hendry (c) vs. Moose – in a Dot Combat Match for the Digital Media Championship

(4) Death Dollz (c) vs. The Hex- for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

(5) Brian Myers vs. PCO vs. Steve Maclin vs. Heath – in a 4-Way #1 Contender Match

(6) Kon vs. Frankie Kazarian

(7) Time Machine (Sabin, Shelley, Kushida) vs. Bullet Club (Austin, Bey, Kenta)

(8) COUNTDOWN: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw

(9) COUNTDOWN: Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

+ Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer – LIVE Episode of “Busted Open” Podcast


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