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Impact – Feb 2

Impact – Feb 2

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Kissimmee, FL.

(1)  Ace Austin & Chris Bey def. Kushida & Kevin Knight…Knight looks to slingshot himself to the floor to attack Ace, but Bey intercepts with a crazy Cutter to drop Knight on the apron’s edge…they roll Knight back in for the assisted Art of Finesse/Fold combo…Bey covers for the win (09:25).

*Deaner tells Callihan that Step 3 of the 7 Deadly Steps was to win the Golden 6-Shooter…failure has consequences…but Callihan can earn redemption tonight in the 8-man tag match.

*Steph DeLander (fka NXT’s Persia Pirotta) vignette…she debuts next week.

(2)  Gisele Shaw def. Savannah Evans…Evans setting Gisele up for the Full Nelson Slam when Jai Vidal distracts the ref, allowing Gisele to escape & rake the eyes…Gisele lands a Superkick to bring Evans to her knees & follows with a Running Knee strike to the face for the win (09:44)…AFTER…Gisele crowns herself the “Black Widow” of Impact Wrestling…every tag team she touches is destroyed…she’s not meant to be in  a team…the spotlight belongs to her.

*Kenny King crosses paths with Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice…words are exchanged & King decides to go against his rule of beating up people on Social Security & heads to talk to Santino to secure a match with the Swingman.

*Santino makes the King/Swinger match, then is approached by Steve Maclin…he’s just beaten the current #1 contender so he should be added to the world title match…Santino explains that he’s set up 4 matches where the winners face in a No Surrender 4-Way to crown the next #1 Contender…and Maclin is in one of those qualifier matches…Dirty Dango gets in between Maclin & Santino…he thinks he’s Santino’s personal security.

(3)  Crazzy Steve def. Sheldon Jean…Steve hits Belladonna’s Kiss (2nd buckle jumping DDT) for the win (02:25)…AFTER…Trey Miguel attacks Steve…Trey goes for the spraypaint but Steve takes it away & sprays himself in the face…Trey gets freaked out & bails.

*Jordynne Grace backstage with Gia…she thinks Mickie James tapped out at Hard to Kill…either way, she’ll have her rematch after Mickie & Masha battle…in the meanwhile, Jordynne wants to welcome Steph DeLander to the Impact Zone next week.

*Santino asks Raven for advice…Raven says to make him champion…Santino says he’ll consider it & walks off…Reese (aka The Yetti) shows up & asks Raven if they’re getting the Flock back together…Raven hurts his feelings.

*Bully Ray to the ring…he’s still pissed about being left out of the 6-Shooter match…calls Dreamer the biggest phony in the business…Mickie James interrupts, calls Bully a snake…words get heated, Bully gets slapped, Mickie gets scooped slammed…Jason Hotch & John Skyler out, set up a table for Bully…Tommy Dreamer makes the save with a kendo stick…Dreamer challenges the Good Hands to face him & Mickie…Santino out, books it for next week with Bully banned from ringside.

*Killer Kelly says Taylor is obsessed with her…Taylor Wilde interrupts, she doesn’t want to face Kelly, she wants to be side-by-side…Death Dollz appear…Rosemary says they’re ready to “play.”

(4)  Kenny King def. Johnny Swinger…King hits the Royal Flush for the win (01:48)…AFTER…King grabs a mic & puts all the champions on notice.

*Bully Ray approaches Masha Slamovich backstage…says Mickie has been disrespectful to Masha…says Mickie has been disrespectful to Masha & he hopes she doesn’t let Mickie get away with it…Masha says something in Russian & walks away…Bully just smiles, “Oh, Masha!”

(5)  The Design def. Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, Kazarian, & Yuya Uemora…Deaner knocks Uemora off the top buckle & into Callihan who follows with a Cactus Driver for the win (17:55).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Feb. 9, 2023

+ Joe Hendry (c) vs. Matt Cardona – for the Digital Media Championship

+ Steph DeLander (Persia Pirotta) vs. Jordynne Grace

+ Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James vs. The Good Hands (Bully Ray banned from ringside)

+ Brian Myers vs. Dirty Dango – No Surrender Qualifier Match

+ Shera vs. PCO – No Surrender Qualifier Match

+ Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde vs. Death Dollz (non-title)


iMPACT!+ NO SURRENDER PREVIEW – Fri. Feb. 24, 2023 – Las Vegas, NV

+ Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann – for the Impact World Championship

+ Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich – for the Knockout Championship

+ 4- Way #1 Contender Match (participants TBD via upcoming qualifiers)


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