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Impact – Nov 24

Impact – Nov 24

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Impact Results

*Matthew Reywold & Tom Hannifan host the Thanksgiving special.

(1) Thanksgiving Moment from 2008…Rhino def. Sheik Abdul Bashir & Alex Shelley…in the TURKEY SUIT CHALLENGE…when he GOREs Shelley for the win…Rhino is $25,000 richer & Shelley winds up in a Turkey Suit.

*Taylor Wilde, the Major Players, Tom Hannifan, Eddie Edwards, Tasha Steelz, & Joe Hendry share Thanksgiving messages.

*Deaner tells Eric Young that Alan Angels & Big Kon are asking if Violent By Design is over…EY says sometimes you need to go back to where it all began.

(2) Thanksgiving Moment from 2007…Dinner at Kurt Angle’s house…surprise, surprise…it ends in a food fight.

*Mickie James responds to Doenna Purrazzo’s words from last week…she’s ready to fight about it next week.

(3) Thanksgiving Moment from 2016…Robbie E. def. Grado…in the TURKEY SUIT CHALLENGE…when Grado goes for the sunset flip but Robbie sits down for a roll up win…Grado wears the Turkey Suit.

*Scott D’Amore apparently came to ringside after the main event of Overdrive to chew out Bully Ray for his actions…Rich Swann came out as well to protect Josh Alexander & his wife…this will lead to a match between Swann & Bully next week.

(4) Thanksgiving Moment from 2013…Rockstar Spud welcomes all the winners from the evening to an in-ring feast…and, yeah, another food fight.

*Trey Miguel, Deonna Purrazzo, Mathew Rehwoldt, & Josh Alexander, share more Thanksgiving messages.

*Kenny King backstage promo…he wasn’t focused on winning at Overdrive…he’s focused on Mike Bailey…calls Speedball a phony & a fraud…and he won’t stop until he exposes Bailey for what he truly is.

(5) Thanksgiving Moment from 2017…Eddie Edwards def. Christopher Adonis…in the TURKEY TROT MATCH…with a roll up…meaning Adonis has to put on the turkey suit.

*Steve Maclin calls himself a prisoner of war, being held hostage by Impact Wrestling…he plans to take out his frustration on Frankie Kazarian.

(6) Thanksgiving Moment from 2007…Samoa Joe def. Chris Sabin & AJ Styles…in the TURKEY BOWL FINALS…when Joe hits the Muscle Buster on AJ…Joe wins $25,000 & AJ has to wear the turkey suit.


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Dec. 1, 2022

+ Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo – Mickie’s Last Rodeo

+ Rich Swann vs. Bully Ray

+ Steve Maclin vs. Frankie Kazarian


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