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Impact – Oct 27

Impact – Oct 27

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Impact Results

*Emanating from Las Vegas, NV.

(1)  X-Division Tournament: Black Taurus def. Laredo Kid…Taurus delivers Destination Hellhole for the win (08:05).

*Scott D’Amore approached backstage by OGK…they’re pissed about losing their tag titles & never want to be “put in that position again”…Scott agrees & swears to never put them in that position again…because they’re fired.

(1)  X-Division Tournament: Trey Miguel def. Alan Angels…Trey stuns Angels with a Scorpion Kick & follows with the Lightning Spiral for the win (08:18).

*Chris Bey & Ace Austin find Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer backstage…Bullet Club accuse Bully of jumping Ace last week…Bully swears it wasn’t him…Tommy tries to step in between them…leads to Bey vs. Dreamer later tonight.

*VXT & Gisele Shaw backstage…they beat the Death Dollz in their first match together, tonight if they beat the 3-woman team including Mickie James, they can send her into retirement.

(2)  Rachelle Schele def. Tasha Steelz by DISQUALIFICATION…Steels knocks Schele around a little, then rolls out & grabs the mic…Tasha says she’s above competition like Schele…Tasha says it’s “feeding time” & sends Savannah in…Savannah Evans levels Schele with a lariat causing the DQ (01:57)…AFTER…Evans powerbombs Schele just for fun.

*Heath & Rhino run into the Motor City Machine Guns backstage, who want that title shot they talked about previously…Heath tells them to go to Scott & make it happen…the Guns run into the Major Players outside Scott D’Amore’s office & it almost leads to a scuffle…Scott is annoyed & books Cardona vs. Shelley for later tonight.

(3)  Chris Bey def. Tommy Dreamer…around the 7 minute mark Moose comes to ringside to get in Bully Ray’s face…while he’s there, he trip’s Bey as he’s running the ropes & walks away leaving Bully to take the blame…Bey yells at Bully, then returns his attention to Dreamer…Bey hits Art of Finesse for the win (11:35)…AFTER…

*Aussie Open promo…they’ve returned & plan to get their hands on the Impact Tag Titles…they issue an open challenge for next week to get the ball rolling.

*Bully Ray throws a tantrum backstage…he’s tired of Tommy Dreamer telling him to calm down as he defends himself while being accused of underhanded stuff he didn’t do…Dreamer says he believes Bully & the whole audience saw that he did nothing wrong tonight…Bully says the next  time Moose gets in his business it won’t end well.

(4)  Matt Cardona def. Alex Shelley…Shelley with a Tornado DDT but Brian Myers puts Cardona’s foot on the rope…Chris Sabin chases Myers into the ring & the Guns hit their Muta Lock/Basement Dropkick combo to send Myers to the floor…Cardona with a thumb to the eye & hits Radio Silence but Shelley kicks out…Brian Myers slides in the Digital Media belt & Shelley takes advantage, hitting Cardona with a DDT onto the belt…but Cardona kicks out…Shelley with an O’Connor Roll but Cardona kicks out, sending Shelley to the ropes where Myers nails him with the belt…allowing Cardona to hit a Schoolboy for the Roll Up win (08:42)…AFTER…Major Players beat down the Guns, which brings out Heath & Rhino for the save.

*Josh Alexander & Rich Swann chatting backstage when Gail Kim interrupts…she admits Bully Ray taught her more than anyone in her career, but he also taught her not to trust anyone in the business so she warns Josh to watch his back…Steve Maclin attacks Josh…Security quickly pull Maclin off as Frankie Kazarian shows up…we go to break…after…Kaz & Josh are chatting…Josh says Aussie Open are running their mouths about wanting to face “the best”…Josh points out that he & Kaz are halves of 2 of the best teams in history & suggests they team up for one night…Kaz is in.

(5)  Joe Hendry def. Raj Singh…Hendry delivers the Standing Ovation (1-arm Spinebuster) for the win (01:47).

*Eric Young is backstage talking to someone off camera…EY says he loves violence & hopes this unseen person watches next week so that his “eyes are opened” to violence.

*Eddie Edwards sits down with Mean Gia (who has gone honey-blonde)…Eddie says “Honor No More is no more”…but Eddie would do it all over again because there’s no honor in this company so his message was valid…and PCO is going to pay for what he’s done.

(6)  Mickie James, Taylor Wilde, & Jordynne Grace def. VXT & Gisele Shaw…Grace takes out Shaw at ringside for strutting around with the Knockouts title…VXT get Mickie up for a doubleteam maneuver but Wilde Spears Deonna, allowing Mickie to counter into a Pendulum DDT on Chelsea for the win (18:14).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – Nov. 3, 2022

+ X-Division Tournament: Yuya Uemura vs. PJ Black (BTI)

+ X-Division Tournament: Kenny King vs. Mike Bailey

+ Aussie Open vs. Josh Alexander & Frankie Kazarian

+ Eric Young vs. Sami Callihan (1st time ever)

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