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January 11, 2022 – NXT

January 11, 2022 – NXT

NXT Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Bron Breakker to the ring…gives credit & respect to Ciampa…tells anyone in the back who wants a shot at the NXT Championship that he will prove every week why he deserves the title by outworking them.

(1)  Santos Escobar defeats Xyon Quinn…Quinn & Elektra have a moment at ringside, but as Quinn turns around to return to the ring Elektra hits him with a low blow kick…Mendoza rolls Quinn back in…Santos hits the Phantom Driver for the win (11:22).

*Tony D’Angelo promo…he let Pete Dunne off easy with just a broken hand…but Petey came back at him, so tonight he learns that Tony D is in charge.

*Mandy Rose celebrates her successful title defense with a poolside photo shoot.

(2)  Cameron Grimes defeats Damon Kemp…Grimes hits the Cave-In for the win (02:21)…AFTER…Grimes says “no more games” in 2022…he’s coming for your gold.

*Joe Gacy (& Harland) promo…Gacy thanks the Tournament Committee for granting them a qualifying match for the Dusty Cup…their match will be a safe space for their opponents.

*Von Wagner’s attack of Andre Chase & his student last week is replayed…Vic Joseph reads a statement that Wagner has been fined & suspended.

(3)  Edris Enofe & Malik Blade defeat Joe Gacy & Harland by DQ…in a DUSTY CUP TOURNAMENT PLAY-IN MATCH…when Harland refuses to let Blade out of the corner by the ref’s 5-count (03:14)…AFTER…the ref puts his hand on Harland’s arm & Gacy comes between them to make sure Harland doesn’t hurt the referee.

*Imperium video package…they are not like you…they are superior…to them, the mat is sacred.

(4)  Tony D’Angelo defeats Pete Dunne…in a CROWBAR ON A POLE MATCH…Tony retrieves the crowbar from the pole, but it changes hands many times…later Tony sends Dunne face-first into the pole & as Dunne stumbles away from the corner, Tony hits him with a vicious crowbar shot to the face for the win (13:16).

*Grayson Waller backstage with McKenzie…he’s excited to hear he’s in the main event, where he belongs…plans to deliver another Grayson Waller “moment” tonight.

(5)  Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta, & Wendy Choo defeat Kacy Catanzarro, Kayden Carter, & Amari Miller…Persia hits a sit out TKO on Miller & Indi follows with Pretty Savage to Miller’s back for the win (03:40).

*MSK happen upon the Dusty Cup trophy backstage & begin breaking down potential opponents on their way to a repeat…Dakota Kai is enamored with the trophy as well, but laments that “nothing divides friendship like success.”

*Kay Lee Ray comes upon the set up for yet another Mandy Rose photo shoot…she’s upset that Mandy will show up to have her picture taken but not to defend her title…so KLR destroys the set with her baseball bat.

(6)  Solo Sikoa vs. Boa ends in a DOUBLE COUNT OUT when the opponents fight to the floor & completely ignore the ref’s 10-count (03:42)…AFTER…they continue to fight past the barricade & into the backstage warehouse area…

*Vic Joseph gets word on his headset that Von Wagner’s suspension has been lifted & his fine has been paid

*AJ Styles backstage with McKenzie…2022 is going to be AJ’s year…his Georgia Bulldog’s just won the NCAA Football National Championship & AJ is going to headline WrestleMania…it all starts tonight when he beats Grayson Waller.

*Carmelo Hayes (& Trick Williams) arrive in a Bentley & toss the keys dismissively to a security guard.

*Boa & Solo Sikoa continue to brawl through the warehouse…Sikoa tosses Boa over a road case & out of sight for a moment…when Sikoa reaches behind the case for Boa he is hit with a fireball to the face…Boa emerges from behind the case with his face painted.

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams to the ring…Melo “pours some out” for Roddy’s Cruiserweight title…says you can call the unified title whatever you want, it’s the A-Championship because it’s around his waist…as Trick & Melo head up the entryway they cross paths with AJ Styles & have a few words for the legend…AJ just smirks & continues past them, to the ring.

*Cameron Grimes is waiting for Melo at his Bentley in the parking lot…he tells Melo that he’s coming for his championship.

(7)  AJ Styles defeats Grayson Waller…AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the win (14:15)…AFTER…AJ grabs the mic to let Waller know he’s good, but he’s not Phenomenal…AJ then “introduces” Waller to his friend, the returning LA Knight…Knight attacks & beats Waller around ringside…Knight & Styles share a handshake & hug as the show ends.


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