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January 17, 2022 – Monday Night Raw

January 17, 2022 – Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw Results

*Live from Tulsa, OK.

*Becky Lynch to the ring…says the Raw Women’s Division has never been hotter & it’s all thanks to her…and she has graciously given Doudrop a shot at the Big Time…Doudrop interrupts, she earned her shot…Bianca Belair interrupts, if Becky didn’t interfere then Bianca would have that shot, but it doesn’t matter because she’s entering the Rumble…Liv Morgan interrupts, she’s entering the Rumble as well…all 4 in the ring…we gonna have a tag team match, playa!

(1)  Becky Lynch & Doudrop defeat Bianca Belair & Liv Morgan…Becky hits the Manhandle Slam on Liv…Doudrop breaks up the cover, knocking out her own partner…Doudrop drags Becky to the corner for a Weekend at Bernie’s hot tag…Doudrop hits a running splash on Liv for the win (02:50)…AFTER…Doudrop hits a Bonzai Drop on her partner, Becky.

*Reggie & Dana bump into Edge & Beth backstage…then the Copelands cross paths with Damian Priest, who’s looking for Rumble pointers from Edge…Beth gets handed a note that Maryse wants to meet her in the ring for a chat…Edge & Beth leave and Kevin Owens approaches Priest…KO says he doesn’t want to see the angry side of Priest, he just hopes they have a good match tonight…he’s off to make an announcement…

*Elimination Chamber event is announced for Saturday, February 19th at the Jeddah Super Dome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

*The Kevin Owens Show…KO introduces his “best friend” Seth Rollins…Seth says Roman is scared, that’s why he sent his cousins after him even though they couldn’t get the job done…says once he wins the Universal Championship, he will turn it red & stay on Raw…Owens declares for the Rumble so that once he & Seth win at the Rumble they can give us the greatest WrestleMania main event ever…Damian Priest interrupts, says Seth has no chance & Kevin is a liar…and his match with KO starts right now…

*Veer Mahaan…is…STILL…coming…to…Raw.

(2)  Kevin Owens defeats Damian Priest…NON-TITLE…Owens feigns a leg injury to catch Priest unaware with a Stunner for the win (11:17).

*“Pomp & Circumstance” plays as Chad Gable & Otis make their way to the ring for the Alpha Academy Graduation Ceremony…Chad gets cheap heat for Oklahomans being dumb…Otis has graduated with the highest honors…Riddle interrupts in cap & gown…Gable offers a rematch if RKBro compete in an academic challenge…as Otis leaves the ring to go after Riddle, Randy Orton hits an RKO on Gable & accepts the challenge.

*Nikki ASH backstage with Sarah…says Rhea is the one who broke up the team.

*Austin Theory in Vince’s office…if Theory doesn’t beat Finn tonight, Vince will beat Theory up & send a selfie to his mom.

(3)  Austin Theory defeats Finn Balor…Theory avoids the Coup de Grace & hits the ATL for the win (06:21)…AFTER…Theory grabs a selfie & then hits another ATL on Balor.

*Rhea Ripley backstage with Sarah…she never intended to break up the team but will remind Nikki who she is tonight…heads to ring…Nikki ASH follows…Queen Zelina & Carmella interrupt, run down both Nikki & Rhea…Nikki uses the distraction to attack Rhea…their match never gets started.

*Reggie & Dana backstage preparing for his match against Omos while Truth, Tamina, & Tozawa are nearby & they’ve got their popcorn ready…

(4)  Omos defeats Reggie…Reggie uses the 24/7 division distraction to get to the top buckle…but when he jumps, he gets caught by Omos & tossed with a 2-handed ChokeBomb for the win (00:28).

*Maryse to the ring…calls out Beth Phoenix…Maryse tries to talk her way out of the mixed tag by saying they should be besties…Beth’s not buying it…Miz sneak attacks Edge on the entryway…Maryse uses the distraction to blast Beth with her purse, which we find out is loaded with a brick…LATER…Kevin Patrick approaches Miz & Mrs. backstage…next week we get a Maryse birthday celebration.

(5)  Street Profits & Mysterios defeat Dirty Dawgs & Apollo Crews/Azeez…Ford hits the splash From the Heavens on Apollo for the win (08:22)…AFTER…the Mysterios toss the Street Profits over the top rope, Rumble style…then Rey tosses Dom out as well…everyone shares a playful laugh.

*Bobby Lashley talks to Corey Graves (clip from “After the Bell” podcast)…Lesnar has no soul & Lashley welcomes that…next we see a Brock Lesnar career retrospective…South Dakota to WWE to UFC & back to WWE…followed by a Lashley career video package…& it’s all leading to the Rumble.

*Alexa Bliss therapy session…word association doesn’t sit well with Alexa…she’s got Lilly on her mind…doctor bails before Alexa can throw another fit.

(6)  Bobby Lashley defeats Seth Rollins by DQ…when Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin attack Lashley at ringside, causing the DQ (13:44)…AFTER…Lashley handles Shelton & Cedric…as Rollins watches from the ring, he gets a sneak attack in the form of stereo Superkicks from the Usos.


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