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January 18, 2022 – NXT 2.0

January 18, 2022 – NXT 2.0

NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*LA Knight arrives in his little red Corvette & heads right to the ring…calls out Grayson Waller, who eventually makes his way out in front of the ‘tron…Waller has a restraining order for Knight…so Knight points to the ‘tron & Dexter Lumis’ music hits…Waller turns around to face the entrance but Lumis emerges from under the ring…

(1)  Grayson Waller defeats Dexter Lumis…Waller distracts the ref with Lumis on the floor…a large bearded man in a suit attacks Lumis & rolls him back in…Waller hits his leaping Stunner for the win (>10:00…match began during commercial)…AFTER…Waller refers to the mystery man as his “insurance policy” as they head up the entryway.

*Malcolm Bivens gets caught running his mouth about the Creed Brothers beating Imperium by Walter, who pins Bivens to the lockers…Roderick Strong makes the save & lets Walter know he’s not scared of him.

*MSK backstage talking about winning the Dusty Cup again…Wilde & Mendoza interrupt, they intend to win it this year…they refer to Blade & Enofe as “light work.”

(2) Dusty Cup: Creed Brothers defeat Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…Brutus drops Briggs with a Torture Rack Slam…Julius follows with a running low lariat for the win (05:54).

*Dante Chen returning from leg injury & loss of his father…he’s ready to compete & make his father proud.

*Imperium in the locker room…Walter thanks Barthel & Aichner for carrying their flag in the US…their dominance starts tonight.

(3)  Dante Chen defeats Guru Raaj by DQ…when Duke Hudson attacks at ringside (00:57)…although Chen was clearly struck first, these usually wind up listed as “No Contest.”

*Joe Gacy & Harland backstage…Gacy is babbling his millennial snowflake nonsense, they run into the injured Odyssey Jones who’s not buying Gacy’s garbage…but Gacy doesn’t take offense, wishes him good luck on his rehab, & even opens the door for Jones…Gacy tells Harland that having the restraint to face such negativity is true progress.

*Bron Breaker backstage with McKenzie…Elektra Lopez interrupt, but Bron’s not interested…Santos Escobar shows up, says Bron’s not ready to carry 2.0 & things will look much better when the belt is around Santos’ waist…Bron is ready to go right now, but Santos says that things in NXT happen on his time & walks away.

*Tony D’Angelo holds a memorial service for Pete Dunne in the ring…he’s finished with Petey & now he wants gold, like the North American Championship…Trick & Carmelo are on the riser in the crowd…Melo warns Tony to keep his “business” out of his mouth…Cameron Grimes interrupts, says Tony needs to get to the back of the line…Melo suggests they fight each other…Grimes like the idea…Tony tries a sneak attack but Grimes avoids him & then busts the memorial picture of Pete Dunne over his head.

*Briggs & Jensen in the locker room…Kacy & Kayden invite them out to party & forget about their loss…Wendy Choo antagonizes like a school girl, “he likes you”…Jensen doesn’t know when to shut up.

*Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon backstage with McKenzie…they want the women’s tag titles…Dakota Kai interrupts to remind them that “nothing divides friendship like success”…the ladies don’t want to hear it…Dakota challenges Leon to a match tonight.

(4)  Ivy Nile defeats Kay Lee Ray…when Mandy Rose’s distraction allows Nile to counter the KLR Bomb into a Roll Up for the win (04:24)…AFTER…Mandy attacks KLR…Gigi & Jacy join in…Indi & Persia rush down for the save & clear Toxic Attraction from the ring.

*Harland apparently hasn’t made as much “progress” as Gacy…he attacked Odyssey Jones in the trainer’s room & beat him with his own crutch.

*Sarray went back to Japan when everything was going wrong in NXT & considered giving up…but she found her grandmother’s necklace & now she’s coming back with a new passion & energy.

(5)  Dusty Cup: Malik Blade & Edris Enofe defeat Raul Mendoza & Joaquin WildeSantos is on the apron to distract…Breakker to the ring to pull Santos off the apron…distraction allows Blade to Roll Up Wilde for the win (03:18).

*Malcolm Bivens says Diamond Mine will go 3-for-3 when Strong wipes the mat with Walter tonight.

*Solo Sikoa promo…removes bandage to reveal burns to his face…warns Boa that next week they go to war

(6)  Dakota Kai defeats Yulisa Leon…Kaio Kick for the win (04:06)…AFTER…Valentina Feroz rolls in to check on Leon…Dakota attacks Feroz but Leon pulls Feroz out before she suffers the same fate.

*Raquel Gonzalez backstage with McKenzie…Cora Jade interrupts, offers to team with Raquel & help her win back-to-back Dusty Cups…Raquel says, “thanks, but no thanks” & leaves…Cora still thinks she can convince her.

(7)  Walter defeats Roderick Strong…Walter gets nasty torque on a Powerbomb for the win (12:16)…AFTER…Imperium join Walter in attacking Strong…the Creed Brothers down for the save & the show ends amid a chaotic brawl.


WWE NXT PREVIEW – January 25, 2022

+ Solo Sikoa vs. Boa – No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere

+ Ollie Jayy performs

+ Cameron Grimes vs. Tony D’Angelo – winner gets North American Championship match

+ Toxic Attraction vs. Kay Lee Ray, Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta


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