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January 4, 2022 NWA Powerrr Season 7 Episode 3

January 4, 2022 NWA Powerrr Season 7 Episode 3

NWA Powerrr Season 7 Episode 3 Results

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Mims Interviewed

  • He doesn’t stand for disrespect. Cardona and Knox disrespected them.

Rude Dudes Interviewed

  • They promise that the NWA fans will soon be chanting “Rude Dudes.”
  • Jamie Stanley will be wrestling in singles competition.

NWA USA premiers this Saturday January 8th on You Tube.

Jamie Stanley defeats Miguel Robles, Alex Taylor, Jeremiah Plunkett – NWA Jr Heavyweight Qualifier – 05:31

  • Plunkettt hit a massive spinebuster, but Stanley tossed Plunkett out of the ring and made the cover for the win.

Kyle Davis Interviews Aron Stevens and JR Kratos

  • They’re interrupted by JTG and Dirty Dango.
  • Dango says “Let’s Get Weird”

Jordan Clearwater and Marshe Rockett defeat Cyon – Handicap Match – 05:21

  • If Cyon wins, he’ll get a shot at Tyrus’ TV Championship.
  • Marshe Rockett hit the Rockett Kick to get the pinfall victory.

Kamille and Missa Kate Interviewed

  • She isn’t a tag team wrestler . . .
  • Missa Kate says she’ll beat Kamille when she has a chance.

Kylie Rae and Tootie Lynn defeat Kamille and Missa Kate – 06:44

  • Kylie Rae used a crossface to earn a submission victory over Missa Kate.

Nick Aldis, Mickie James, and Mayweather Talk about NWA

  • Aldis will be an ambassador looking for the next star.
  • Mickie James says Kamille has not faced someone like her.
  • Mayweather says he’ll be appearing on NWA USA.

Kyle Davis Interviews Colby Corino, The Fixers, and OGK

  • Taven wants to know why Corino has aligned himself with the Fixers.

Matt Taven defeats Wrecking Ball Legursky – 06:30

  • Taven used a sunset bomb off the ropes for a pinfall victory.

Jennacide Interviewed

  • She’s done with Paola Mayfield

Mike Knox and Matt Cardona Interviewed

  • Cardona says that Trevor didn’t treat him well when he was starting out.

Natalia Markova defeats Paola Blaze – 03:57

  • Markova hit the beautiful disaster kick for the pinfall victory.

Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer Interviewed

  • Mae says that the National Title will be the representing title.
  • Latimer says that the new show should be the Thom and Chris show.

Mecha Wolfe, Bestia 666, Homicide defeats Parrow, Odinson, Jax Dane – 06:55

  • The End and Jax attacked and secured the advantage before the bell.
  • Homicide used a Diamond Cutter for the pinfall victory over Parrow.


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