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January 8, 2022 – Impact Hard to Kill

January 8, 2022 – Impact Hard to Kill

Hard to Kill Results

*Live from the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX.

(Countdown 1)  Jake Something defeats Madman Fulton…Jake hits the Black Hole Slam for the win (05:25).

(Countdown 2)  “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeats Ace Austin, Laredo Kid, & Chris Bey…in a FATAL 4-WAY Match…Bailey hits a Shooting Star Double Knee Drop to the back of Ace Austin for the win (08:09).

(3)  Tasha Steelz defeats Jordynne Grace, Chelsea Green, Rachael Ellering, Lady Frost, & Rosemary…in an ULTIMATE-X MATCH where the Winner becomes the #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship…Tasha, Jordynne, & Chelsea tangle on the cables…Jordynne drops…Tasha & Chelsea both get their hands on the X but Tasha wrestles it free from Chelsea’s grip & drops to the canvas for the win (09:13).

*Deonna Purrazzo (& Rehwoldt) backstage with Gia…Gail Kim interrupts to inform Rehwoldt that if he lays a hand on Micke in the title match he will be fired & Deonna will lose the match.

(4)  Trey Miguel defeats Steve Maclin…to retain his X-Division Championship…Maclin attacks before the opening bell & they battle up the ramp before finally reaching the ring to start the match…after an ugly meteora to the floor, Trey hits a second & third Meteora inside & the third one gets the job done for the 3-count & the win (12:53).

*The Influence backstage…the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match is off for tonight, but it will take place in Ft. Lauderdale.

*Ian Riccaboni joins the commentary team for…

(5)  Jonathan Gresham defeats Chris Sabin…in a PURE RULES MATCH to retain his Ring of Honor World Championship…Sabin gets Gresham up for the Cradle Shock but it’s countered into a Crucifix…Sabin escapes, maintains wrist control & spins into La Magistral Cradle…Gresham escapes, counters with La Magistral of his own but continues chaining moves together & glides into a back-bridging stacked roll up for the win (12:39)…AFTER…the Code of Honor is observed with a hug & handshake.

*Tasha Steelz backstage with Gia…the Boriqua Badass made history tonight & whichever Knockout leaves the main event with the title has a date on the wrong side of the street with Tasha Steelz.

(6)  Josh Alexander defeats Jonah…Jonah misses a top buckle Moonsault, Josh follows with a German Suplex & Powerbomb (no seriously) for 2…Josh then sinks in the Ankle Lock & gets Jonah to tap for the submission win (17:31).

*Eddie, Swann, Willie, Rhino, & Heath backstage with Gia…these men are ready for HARDCORE WAR!

(7)  Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, & Rhino defeat Violent By Design & the Good Brothers…in a HARDCORE WAR…Deaner & Swann start things off for 3 minutes…Anderson is next to join & gives his team the first of the 90 second advantages…Willie Mack evens things up…Gallows is out next for the advantage…Eddie Edwards evens it up again…Eric Young is next…Heath follows…Doering is last to join his team…Rhino makes it a 5-on-5 & now a pinfall or submission finish is possible…Rhino GORES Anderson, and Heath covers for the win (23:21)…AFTER…as Eddie & company celebrate Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent, & PCO come through the crowd to attack & leave the good guys laying…Maria Kanellis/Bennett joins the ROH crew to strike a victory pose.

*Scott D’Amore is approached by Gia backstage…he had no idea these guys were coming, but he’s going to call Baltimore & find out what’s going on!

(8)  Moose defeats W. Morrissey & Matt Cardona…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to retain his iMPACT! World Championship…Moose counters Cardona’s Radio Silence attempt into a corner bomb, taking out the 2nd ref & Chelsea Green…Moose hits the Lights Out Spear on Cardona & the 1st ref recovers to make the 3- count for the win (15:58).

(9)  Mickie James defeats Deonna Purrazzo…in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH for the Knockouts World Championship…Deonna sinks in Venus de Milo at the 2 minute mark & gets the tap, but Mickie easily answers the 10 count to continue…Deonna pins Mickie at the top of the ramp at the 7 minute mark, but Mickie’s forehead is busted open but she beats the ten count to continue…after a Superkick that makes Mickie take a bump into a puddle of thumbtacks, Deonna chokes Mickie with her recently-removed chaps as she hangs from the 2nd rope dangleing off the apron, Mickie taps at the 12 minute mark to save herself from passing out & manages to beat the ten count…Mickie pins Deonna on the floor after busting her open with a chairshot to the head at the 15 minute mark, but Rehwoldt picks Deonna up to help her beat the ten count…Deonna pins Micke at the 18 minute mark after an Avalanche Queen’s Gambit through a table but Mickie just beats the ten count…Mickie pins Deonna around the 19 minute mark after a Mickie-DT into the tacks & piles chairs & the broken table on top of Deonna to make sure she does not answer the ten count, giving Mickie the win (19:44).


iMPACT! PREVIEW – January 13, 2022

+ Rok-C (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo – for the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship


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