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January 8, 2022 NWA USA Season 1 Episode 1

January 8, 2022 NWA USA Season 1 Episode 1

NWA USA Season 1 Episode 1 Results

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May Valentine with PJ and Luke Hawx

  • May the best Hawx win.

Kyle Davis with George South

  • George is here because he wants to be in Colby Corino’s corner, but he’s been unable to get in touch with Colby.
  • The Fixers come by to wish George and CW Anderson the best of luck. Legursky attacks South from behind.

Kyle Davis with Tim Storm

  • Kyle asks Tim about being the new NWA Managing Director.
  • Tim blows off that question, but he immediately suspends The Fixers. He won’t be putting up with that type of behavior on this show.

Coby Corino defeats CW Anderson – 04:32 – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifier

  • Corino used a high stack with his feet on the ropes for the pinfall victory.

Kyle Davis with Nick Aldis

  • Aldis asks who is going to step up and be the next star.

Kyle Davis with Chris Adonis

  • Adonis says it’s about time the NWA realized Chris Adonis needs his own show.

Next Week

  • Anthony Mayweather v. Marshe Rockettt
  • Ariya Daivari v. Jay Spade

Luke Hawx defeats PJ Hawx – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifier – 04:49

  • Luke Hawx powered out of a boston crab directly into a pinfall for the win.



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