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KiLynn King Interview

CCW Insider – Episode 2 – KiLynn King Interview

On this episode of CCW Insider, Ryan Joy sits down with CCW World Women’s Champion KiLynn King. KiLynn talks about her struggles trying to make it in the wrestling business. She talks about prioritizing wrestling over her “shoot” jobs and how that almost left her homeless.

The Mother Effin’ King talks about her bitter rivalry with Marina Tucker that culminated inside a steel cage at Bash at the Brew.

KiLynn also shares some wisdom about getting into the wrestling busienss and for any younger people that are feeling a little insecure KiLynn says, “I would say anything that makes you different that some people want to make you feel weird about. Nah man – because I guarantee you that’s the most special thing about you so hold on to that.”

You’ll also hear clips from some of KiLynn’s key moments in CCW.

KiLynn wrestles Ashley D’Amboise at CCW St. Lucie Showdown on April 22nd.



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