Minutes to Bell Time

March 26th 205 Live

March 26th 205 Live

205 Live by Jeff Johnson Wrestling Soundoff 

Back for another week of the fastest action in the shortest period of the week.


  • Anyone else thinking that the entrance for Nese & Daivari is very similar to how “those” guys at the Gym that insist there is nothing going on but are VERY close?
  • Bollywood Boyz and Nigel try to get Joseph to dance again but he stops them saying that if they win the NXT Tag Titles in the next 24 hours he will dance with them.
  • Good call back from the Commentators talking about how Tony Nese actually won the Cruiserweight title at Mania two years ago.
  • Anyone else think it is funny that we have two Cruiserweight champions both in the USA and neither appear on the show they are the champion of?
  • It is really starting to bother me that they are trying to build a hot tag and still have partners not stretching out for the tag. The ring is 20 feet by 20 feet, should be no reason not to stretch out.
  • Huge splash from Daivari but Sunil breaks up the pin attempt to keep the match going.
  • What a sick dive from Samir on to Daivari and Nese on the outside.
  • Sunil hits the elbow drop on Daivari but Nese is still able to get in to break up the pin.
  • Roll up by Sunil by Daivari is still able to kick out and then hit a Hammerlock Lariat and get the pinfall victory. Will they ever let Bollywood Boyz or Ever-Rise get a win against Nese and Daivari?
  • MATCH TIME: 8:42

You have to love getting advertisements for Peacock on the WWE Network when it doesn’t apply to us in any way. (Editor’s Note: Jeff Johnson is from Canada).

We get a recap now highlighting Kushida vs. Devlin on NXT as well as the aftermath where HBK suggested the unification match become a Ladder match.


  • Who is the better throwback to the 80s, August Grey or Johnny Swinger?
  • Ashante is coming out wearing entrance gear that made him look like he was an extra for Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • Can you really call a match a “Main Event” when there is only two matches on a card?
  • Interesting spot with August Grey going through the ropes and around the ring post while still holding on the Ashante the whole time. Joseph calls it an homage to Nigel as apparently it is something he would do.
  • How long did the referee hold her arm in the air after counting the two on Adonis from Grey? Could have almost done a full three count in the time she held it.
  • Glassy Eye from Adonis but Grey uses the momentuem to turn it into a Pinfall Attempt but only gets the two.
  • Grey tweaks his knee after Adonis counters the So Much Unprettier but Grey hits it the second time to get the pinfall victory. Do you think they are getting him ready to take on the winner of Escobar and Devlin?
  • MATCH TIME: 9:39
  • Post match, Daivari come out and raises the hand of Grey but he has none of it as Daivari is likely trying to just get in the head of Grey.


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